The world’s biggest cargo airplane, known as Antonov An-225 Mriya, made a specialized visit to the Karachi air terminal on Wednesday. The Russian-made wide-body airplane, which is powered by six turbofan motors and said to be the longest and heaviest plane at any point fabricated, took off from Afghanistan and arrived at Jinnah International Airport a little before early afternoon.

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With the most extreme drop weight of 700 tons, it has the biggest wingspan of any airplane in operational assistance. Air terminal sources said the airplane was booked to leave Karachi in the early long periods of Thursday morning. They said the airplane contained military cargo that was being shipped from Afghanistan as a component of the withdrawal plan of the US and unified powers from the conflict-torn country.

In the interim, social media is swirling with the appearance of the world’s biggest cargo airplane in Karachi as individuals shared its photos and recordings on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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