The term “Tweetstorm” (not Tweet Storm) was stamped and made popular by Marc Andreessen, the notable Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur. A Tweetstorm is a direction to share thoughts and statements that are too long for the 280 character limit for single Tweets.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Tweetstorm

A Tweetstorm is a cycle of tweets from one individual that commences with a number and an incision. The first number is the declaration in which the tweet comes up in a line of tweets encircling a single topic. The number after the slash is the abundance of tweets from the same author.

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A Tweetstorm lets compilations understand how many tweets to understand. On the surface, this looks like an incredible idea, but it has progressed some disagreement.

The primary statement against the Tweetstorm is that Twitter is formulated for short explosions of sharing data or impressions. A series of tweets from one individual, particularly a lengthy series, may be viewed as spammy. No one prefers spam, and this could be a straightforward way to lose followers.

However, the occasional Tweetstorm has a spot. One case might be a commentator tweeting about a tornado indication or an announcer live-tweeting the Puppy Bowl.

Twitter is understood for communicating small clumps of data and short discussions. It’s susceptible to see why the Tweetstorm used to be glimpsed as dubious and spammy. Regardless, modern Twitter redesigns have given rise to a room for Tweetstorms of periodicals so that they do not spam or take up opening on users’ timelines.

Why Should I Tweetstorm?

This question is not so effortlessly replied to. Do you scarcely run out of your allotted 280 personalities when tweeting? If so, you may never desire to perform a Tweetstorm. Do you edit most of your tweets to fit into Twitter’s configuration? Maybe this is for you. As with maximum stuff, this is not inevitably an all-or-nothing method.

How to Publicize a Tweetstorm

Twitter facilitates Tweetstorms or periodical Tweets. When formulating a new Tweet, appoint the + icon (based in the lower-right nook of the Twitter app or following the Tweet button on the Twitter desktop site).

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You can formulate a series of Tweets and disseminate the series all at once by selecting Tweet All. If you want to post one at a time, post your first tweet, then add successive Tweets by answering back to the first one.


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