A Twitter bio is one factor in setting up your Twitter profile. It emerges under your name and the Twitter handle on your profile. Use it to convey to others a short overture about who you are, list your dividends, or improve your business.

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How to Write your bio on Twitter

This is how you can write your bio on Twitter.

  1. Open the Twitter application.
  2. Go to the three dots ( menu)

Select Profile

4.    Now go to “Edit Profile”


5.    Now edit your bio easily

How to compose a good Twitter bio

Follow these tips to write thoughtful and imaginative Twitter bios for yourself and for your trademark.

Induct yourself

Say hello to forthcoming followers by informing them what you execute. You may choose to put in a brief explanation of your products or assistance, share significant characteristics about your brand, or tell people what to determine when they follow you.

Put up with your space

With a limit of 160 characters, Twitter bios are brief. So, take all the openings you require to express important data. Plus, a recent study found more identities in your bio equals more followers.

Leave rejections to the end

If you must continue legalese or disclaimers like “Retweets ≠ endorsements,” don’t start with them. Use a catchy utterance, humour, or even an emoji to reel people in hook, line, and follower.

Exhibit some temperament

Be crazy, be momentous, be considerate. Whatever your denomination temperament is, be confident to indicate it in your Twitter bio. Give people an aroma of your content.

Involve the right keywords

Twitter bios are searchable. In other words, Twitter bios are categorized by examination engines such as Google and Bing. So put your SEO skills to chore and optimize by including relevant keywords.

Whistle your signal, tactfully

Twitter bios are an opening for comprehending the humble pomposity. Awards, rankings, or recognition can behave as significant social proof, particularly if you’re brand isn’t well known. Just don’t exaggerate it.

Toss in an emoji

How does the explaining go? An emoji is worth a thousand messages? Okay, not exactly. But emojis can benefit you to convey more within the bio’s restricted character space. And they can put in a splash of color and character to your bio.

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Hashtag# tastefully

A  recent survey found that when it comes to Twitter bios, the quantity of followers lessens as the number of hashtags boost.

How to Rewrite Your Bio

You can rewrite your Twitter bio by editing your profile. You can furthermore optimize it with hashtags and @username

Twitter Bio Examples

Your Twitter bio can contain any data. It can be small and delightful, goofy, or enlightening. Here are a few examples:

  • Be nice to me
  • She talks in the language of stars.
  • She is addicted to Music,
  • She loves to read novels, stories.
  • I love to dance but don’t know how.

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