Afghan piece sellers are picking over the garbage of the two-decade US military intervention in Afghanistan, gathering whatever they jar of significant worth from stores of broken military equipment, rejected machines, and old furnishings.

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While the piece men search through garbage outside the primary US base in Afghanistan, the Afghan government, and the country overall, are looking up to the furthest limit of an international mission that guaranteed so a lot however neglected to bring harmony.

Over Afghanistan’s times of war, the Bagram airbase has been an amazing prize for whoever holds the high ground in the battle. Presently US powers will hand it over to Afghan government powers as they face a flooding battle with the Taliban and questions swirl about their possibilities.

Gatekeepers in the body defensive layer actually control the vigorously sustained access to Bagram — a most loved objective for self-destruction planes throughout the long term — and helicopters rattle overhead and an intermittent truck travels every which way.

Yet, not many individuals stay in the field of prefab offices that grew up close by the monster runway in the months and years after international powers showed up later than expected in 2001, as the crushed Taliban escaped from US aircraft to mountains on the Pakistani line.

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Two US security authorities said for this present week most of US military staff would in all likelihood be passed by July 4, with a leftover power staying to ensure the consulate. Numerous Afghans, as Ahmad, feel deserted.


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