Ufone offers Internet Packages Weekly Monthly Daily 3G and Ufone Net Packages. It also offers postpaid and hourly internet packages. Today we will discuss Internet Packages, which include the weekly Internet Packages, monthly and daily internet packages.

Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited or Ufone is a mobile phone service provider in Pakistan. Ufone began operations in 2001 and is a wholly-owned company of Pakistan Telecom and PTCL.

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Ufone Internet Packages offers a variety of hourly, daily, weekly, 3 days, monthly packages. So, In this article, we will discuss all the details about these packages. Ufone 3G offers a large number of packages so you can get your desire from the below packages.

Ufone became part of Etisalat in 2006 due to PTCL. So here we will discuss Ufone net packages. With more than 24 million subscribers Ufone covering more than 10,000 locations in Pakistan widely.

So, here we have all Internet packages of Ufone and offers so that Ufone subscribers can easily find them. The best for its use and affordability.

Ufone Hourly Internet Package

Hence, here are the details of Ufone hourly Internet packages. If you just want to get an instant internet package, you can use this hourly package.

  • The validity period is the next 1 hour (24 hours a day)
  • Automatically expires after one hour

Name                          Charges         Code               Details

Ufone Power Hour    Rs. 6              Dial *99#        60MBs + 60 SMS, 60 On-net minutes

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Hence, check the details of Ufone’s daily Internet packages. Check out the new and updated Ufone Daily Internet Packages here.

  • The subscription validity period is 1 day for daily internet packages
  • Free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Line for all except Mega Internet Packet for Ufone daily internet packages

Name                         Charges        Code        Details

Daily light bucket        Rs. 10        *804#         40 MB

Daily heavy bucket       Rs. 15        *8042#       75 MB

Special daily bucket       Rs. 5          *810# (01 AM- 09 PM) 50 MB

Mega Internet bucket      Rs. 12     *550# (1 AM – 8 AM) 2 GB

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

So, check the details of weekly Internet packages. Check out new and updated weekly Internet Packages here.

  • The subscription validity period is 7-day weekly internet packages
  • Automatically expires after one week

Name                   Charges        Code          Details

Super Internet     Rs. 100         *220#          1024 MB

Weekly Light bucket   Rs. 50    *7811#        250 MB

Weekly heavy bucket    Rs. 125   *7815#      500 MB

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Here check the details of Monthly Internet packages. Check out the new and the updated monthly packages details here.

  • The subscription validity period is 30 days for Ufone monthly internet packages
  • Monthly internet packages automatically expire after one month

Name Charges Code Details

Monthly 1GB Bucket Rs. 250 *7807# 1024 MB

Monthly 3GB Bucket Rs. 500 *803# 3072 MB

Monthly 10GB Bucket Rs. 1000 *5100# 10240 MB

Ufone 3 Days Internet Package

Here check the details of 3 Day social Internet packages. So Check out new and updated social Ufone Internet Packages here. Details of Ufone net packages.

  • The subscription Validity is 3 Days for this package

Name                   Charges           Code               Details

3-day bucket          Rs. 25           *3350#               100 MB

Ufone Social Net Packages

Here check the details of social Internet packages. So Check out new and updated social Packages here. Details are given below.

  • The subscription Validity is of 1 Day and 30 days respectively

Name                            Charges               Code          Details

Social Daily Bucket        Rs. 5                 *4242#       Free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

Social Monthly Bucket    Rs. 50              *5858#         Free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages

Finally, check some postpaid internet packages. Details of Ufone net packages.

  • Dial *4545# to check remaining internet data

Name                  Data         Code             Charges

Postpaid 1GB      1 GB         *4547#            Rs. 300

Postpaid 3GB       3 GB        *805#              Rs. 700

Postpaid 5GB        5 GB        *7550#           Rs. 1000

Postpaid 10GB       10 GB     *8550#           Rs. 1200

Terms and Conditions:

  • Terms and conditions are applied
  • Enjoy Ufone Net Packages
  • For Balance checking Dial *124#
  • For any additional assistance call 333
  • At any time you can change Packages Offers 
  • Thus, a Withholding tax of 12.5% applies on recharge/bill
  • The default rate for Internet usage is Rs.2 per MB + tax. The charging pulse is 512 KB

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  • Finally, Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
  • Above all, Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting Sender’s Number to 9000 –PTA

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