Private universities do not get their funding from the government of Pakistan. There are around 40 private universities. These universities are delivering quality and modern education all over Pakistan.

The top private universities are recognized by HEC.

These universities are chartered, licensed, and accredited by HEC. They are offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. They are delivering courses in a traditional and non-distance education format.

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Following are the Top Private Universities in Pakistan:

1.                  Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology – Karachi

It is the institute of Science and Technology. It is a fully chartered institute and is recognized by HEC. The institute is established by a Legislative Act of Sindh Assembly. Now, SZABIST has campuses in Dubai, Islamabad, Larkana, Hyderabad, and Karachi. It is a degree-awarding institution. It provides a high-quality learning experience for every student. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. According to HEC, it is one of the largest private universities in the country. It offers programs in biosciences, social sciences, public health, economics, law, engineering, computer sciences, management sciences, and media sciences. Some of the programs are offered in the collaboration of universities in the UK and these programs are external.

2.                  Forman Christian College – Lahore

It is an independent university, located in Lahore. It is a liberal arts institution. The university is offering a four-year bachelor’s degree in eighteenth disciplines. It also offers an MBA degree. It is developing master’s degree programs in many disciplines like Public Policy, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, and Economics.

Forman Christian College also conducts an Intermediate Program. It became known as one of the best colleges. It offers a quiet and safe environment for the students. Students benefit from the latest technology. It provides scholarships for deserving students to get a high-quality education.

3.                  Riphah International University-Islamabad

It is a private university. It is chartered by the Federal Govt. It was established in 2002 to produce Islamic ethical and moral values. It is offering admissions at Bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Ph.D. levels. The admissions are in thirteen academic fields. Some of these fields are Bio-medical, BBA, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Management Science, D.Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Software Engineering, Media Studies, Medical Laboratory Technology, etc. These are regular programs. The university also offers a distance learning program. Out of private universities, Riphah is in 2nd position. It consists of 14 campuses located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, and UAE.

4.                  University of Central Punjab-Lahore

UCP is a private university. It is located in Lahore. It is recognized by HEC. It was chartered by the Govt. of Punjab. It has an undergraduate as well as programs in the fields of Management Studies, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy, etc. It has the following departments:

·     Department of Engineering

·     Department of Arts and Social Sciences

·     Department of Pharmacy

·     Department of Law

·     School of Media and Communication Studies

·     Department of Life Sciences

·     Department of Information Technology   

The department of engineering was introduced in 2002. It is in 9th ranking in Lahore. It has more than 10000 students.

5.                  Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology-Topi

It is a private research university. It is located in Topi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The university was established in 1993. It is known to be a competitive institute. It is one of the top universities ranked by HEC.

It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The university has following faculties:

·     Faculty of Engineering Sciences

·     Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

·     Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering

·     Faculty of Management Sciences and Humanities  

6.                  The University of Lahore-Lahore

 It was established in 1999. All programs are recognized by HEC. The Lahore campus is providing a fruitful environment. It has achieved the highest ranking with the HEC. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

It has following faculties:

·     Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

·     Faculty of Engineering and Technology

·     Faculty of Information and Technology

·     Faculty of Arts and Architecture

·     Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

·     Faculty of Management Sciences

·     Faculty of Language and Literature

·     Faculty of Sciences

·     Faculty of Social Sciences

·     Faculty of Pharmacy

7.                  Aga Khan University-Karachi

It is a higher education institution in Karachi. It also has programs and campuses in many foreign countries like Kenya, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Uganda, and Afghanistan. It is a private nonprofit university. It was established in 1983. It provides a research facility to students at the undergraduate level. It organizes research seminars and workshops at the national and international levels. It is the home to several teaching and research institutes. A Research Assembly is held annually in which students and faculty show their research.

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8.                  Lahore University of Management Sciences-Lahore

It is one of the top private universities in Pakistan. It was established in 1994. It is recognized by HEC. It was chartered by the Govt. of Pakistan. It attracts and retains the highest caliber of faculty and students. The university has launched a scholarship program for Afghan students. It is also one of Pakistan’s most selective, progressive, and expensive universities. It offers some regular programs and some distance-based programs. It has the following schools:

·     Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law

·     School of Arts & Sciences

·     LUMS Education School

·     Suleman Dawood School of Business


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