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  1. NUST Islamabad
  2. PIEAS, Islamabad
  3. NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
  4. University of Engineering and Technology  Lahore
  5. Institute of Space and  Technology, Islamabad
  6. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro
  7. Air University of Islamabad
  8. National Textile University  

Engineering is the examination of formulating and establishment of appliances, constructions, and other apparatus.

Engineering is the extraordinary medley of science, computations, calculations, and evaluating technology for manufacturing and retaining machinery cores and configurations.

It is the fantasy of every Pakistani parent and learner to get enrolment in any leading administrative engineering university in Pakistan.

We have given rise to a catalog of the promising government engineering institutes in Pakistan for you to refer to today.

These institutes are among the peak institutes in Pakistan, giving birth to quality of schooling and furnishing validity for promising prospective employment.

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Top Engineering Universities of Pakistan are listed coming after;

1. NUST Islamabad:

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), is a municipal sector exploration university. It was ascertained in 1991.

It has a major campus in Islamabad and constituent fellowships in Rawalpindi, Risalpur, and Karachi.

Every year thousands of learners struggle to become an aspect of the NUST gang. NUST delivers high-quality education and state of sculpture capabilities to its students.

The educational staff of NUST is mostly Ph.D. philosophers and adequately versed in their respective careers.

This prestigious university has been indexed again and again as the promising University of Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in the engineering sector.

NUST has also been estimated at 87th position in Asia and number one in Pakistan through the QS Asian University Ranking.

Fee Structure:

Undergraduate: 87,000 Per/ Semester
 Postgraduate: 64,000/ Per Semester

Location: National University of Sciences and Technology. NUST Campus, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan is its location.

Website: You can get all information on their official website which is coming next:

2. PIEAS, Islamabad

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIASE) is encountered at Lehtrar Road in Islamabad.

PIEAS concentrates on nuclear and engineering contents and brandishes the nuclear research facility of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

QS Asia University Rankings has positioned PIEAS at emblem 146th in Asia and 5th in Pakistan. PIEAS has moreover been categorized at 397th globally by QS World University Rankings.

PIEAS has association with PAEC, HEC and PEC. The main divisions of PIEAS are:

  • Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Metallurgy and  Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Nuclear and Chemical Engineering
  • Computer & Information Sciences
  • Communication & Management Sciences
  • Medical Sciences and Chemistry

There are various athletics grounds, clubs and societies, and laboratories for learners. The installations of boarding-house, conveyance, and scholarships are also bestowed.

Fee Structure:

Undergraduate: 2000 /credit hour
Postgraduate: 1800 / per credit hour

Location: Lehtrar Road, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory is its location

Website : You can get in touch with them on the thereafter website!

3. NadirShaw Eduljee DinShah University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

In 1921, a Parsi landowner named Nadirshaw Eduljee DinShaw (NED) ascertained the University of Engineering and Technology (NED-UET) in Karachi. This university is quoted after its contributor NED.

This university is strewed over 156 acres and has an educated schooling staff of around 450 and a learner crew of better than 12,250.

NED-UET is a respected component of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the UK. It develops an assortment of engineering courses at undergraduate (BSc), Postgraduate (MSc/MS/Ph.D.) degree notches.

The Times Higher Education (THE) had tagged NED University of Engineering and Technology at #101-200 in the world for “impact”.

Location: Main University Rd, Block 1 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh is its location.


From the above website, you can contact with them!

4. UET Lahore

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is one of the senior institutes of Pakistan as it laid the first stone in 1921. It is positioned at G.T. Road, Lahore.

Wrapping a massive expanse of 170 acres, UET directs on STEM schooling of its students to prepare them extra flexible and compliant with the developing technological directions in commerce.

The well-known library of UET is the National Library of Engineering Science. It is considered as the prominent center for snapshot elements on engineering and technology by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

UET has a teaching profession faculty of more than 750 dedicated to teaching a student body of around 9,500.

QS Asia University Rankings has positioned UET at #351-400th position. UET has been correlated with approximately 42 multinational institutions and possesses partnerships with HEC, PEC, and WA.

Fees Structure:
Undergraduate: 5,000/ Per Month
Postgraduate: 6,666 / Per Month

Location: GT Rd, Staff Houses Engineering University Lahore, Lahore, Punjab is its location.

Website: You can get more information through their website:

5. Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

Established on 73 acres of property, the Institute of Space Technology (IST) is positioned in Islamabad. It was organized in 2002 by the Pakistan National Space Agency.

Every year IST Youth Carnival (IYC) is brandished at IST which is an inter-university competitor. World Space Week is furthermore organized which pointed on innovation and structure in the sector of Space Science and Technology.

IST proposes various BS, MS/M Phil, and Ph.D. strategies. The prominent divisions of IST are:

  • National Centre for Remote-Sensing & Geo-Informatics
  • Space Science
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Humanities and Sciences

The Institute of Space Technology possesses association with Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, HEC, PEC, and Washington Accord (WA).

Location: Toll Plaza، 1 Islamabad Highway Near Rawat، Sector H DHA Phase II, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory is its location.

Website: you can get information on their official website!

6. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology of  Jamshoro

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) was emanated in 1976.

Mehran University was main formed as an aspect of a campus of Sindh University but was delayed and gave rise to an independent institute.

MUET has stood indexed at 5th position by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in the Engineering Category. It has also been indexed at symbol 6th in Pakistan.

Mehran University has a current student body of more than 7,500 who are studying in various stages of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering.

Mehran University concentrates on the STEM education of learners. STEM poses for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For this objective, MUET has a broad spectrum of engineering methods requested at all status categories and maintains numerous associations and communities reserved for engineering departments.

Its fee is 16000 Per Semester

Location: Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Indus Hwy, Jamshoro, Sindh is its location.

Website: you can get more information on their official website.

7. Air University, Islamabad

Orchestrated in 2002, Air University is contemplated as one of the promising engineering universities in Pakistan.

It was constructed and is conducted by the Pakistan Air Force’s education command. Air University is located at the PAF Complex in E-9, Islamabad.

Air University possesses affiliation with HEC, PEC, Association of Commonwealth Universities, and International Association of Universities.

Onward with a skilled faculty, Air University gives birth to an enormous library, sport’s lands and a dozen laboratories earmarked for logical training of engineering courses.

To secure entry at Air University, you must pass an entry test for all engineering strategies. This entry questioning comprises of:

  • English  20%
  • Maths 45%
  • Physics  35%

The ultimate excellence is computed on the rationale of:

  1. Matric/O’ Level 15%
  2. FSc/Equivalent 35%
  3. Entry Test  50%

Its fee structure is 7100 Per Credit Hour

Location: Service Road E-9 / E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan، E-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory is its location.

Website: you can get more information on the following link:

8. National Textile University (NTU)

Founded: 2000


National Textile University (NTU) is the exclusive organization of textile education in Pakistan. It was previously known as the National College of Textile Engineering and possesses affiliation with the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore since 1976.

The campus is sprinkled over an expanse of 62 acres. The university is in the outskirts of the community of Faisalabad about 12 km from the city midst on Sheikhupura road. National Textile University is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and comprehended by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).

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The government of the UK furnished the slab of appliance and machinery, along with the assistance of specialists under the Colombo Plan. Field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan, the then president of Pakistan, but the organization stone, on 12 October 1959.
Fee Structure: Rs.72,350/ Per semester

Location: Faislabad, Shaikhupura Road ManaWala, Faislabad, Punjab


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