Twitter reunites roughly 340 million monthly competitive users (as of January 2020), which gives rise to it one of the most outstanding ones from the past five years. That said, it is important to carefully consider all the pros and cons of it before starting to tweet and interact using hashtags. Twitter is exceptionally outstanding and can help industries to accumulate relevance. Nonetheless, if you remember to choose where to put your digital efforts, it’s better to understand for sure, am I right? In this blog post, we’ll be getting on through the main Twitter aspects and target users.

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Who should use Twitter?

Everyone – from individuals to the largest global corporations. Twitter is a vast platform and entertains all kinds of users. 

What should I share on Twitter?

It pivots on your goals for the strategy. You can share private impressions and memes in a private account, but that wouldn’t be the trial on an account for your business. 

An experienced but friendly strategy is recommendable while dealing with information about your commodities and assistance. You should also prepare sure to interact on the strategy as much as you can, via answers, retweets, and favorites, edifice strong connections both with brands and with your customers. 

Give rise to evaluate the Trending Topics daily and encompass tweets about them on your timeline. Whenever a dilemma has some relation to the commodities and services you furnish, that’s the time for you to share it. 

How many eternities should I post?

There’s no freedom or wrong here; it relies on your business goals. If you are an e-commerce website, it gives rise to the sense for you to post a couple of times per day to declare openly different commodities. If you are in the assistance or hospitality industries, budgeting news about your brand, data about the services you furnish, and inbound links to your website can be the due strategy. 

To keep your audience engaged, try to equalize the commonness of posts. Don’t overwhelm your followers with hundreds of tweets, and don’t dismiss them by posting too little. Regulate your Twitter account repeatedly, see what endeavors and what doesn’t for your audience.

The pros and cons of Twitter 

Pros of Twitter:

It’s easy to use: So, after developing your profile, you just jot down things and bang! Your content is there for the world to notice!! 

The Hashtag power:  Twitter was the first structure inaugurating the use of hashtags, and they are used to index keywords and topics, giving rise to it easy to find delightful subjects to follow. You should influence that power to be as precise as reasonable with them, encompassing a maximum of two hashtags per tweet. 

Get to the point in 280 characters :

 You’ve limited of a chance to ramble on — just get right to the point in 280 characters. And if you feel fooled by this, remember it was only 140 symbols until 2017.  

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Cons of Twitter/ Disadvantages

The Spam balance: Keep searching those key transaction opportunities, but don’t become a spammer. 

The 280 character limit: Many people uncover it impossible to convey themselves in such a low composition count.  

It can be very addictive:

     “Excess of everything is bad”

 Twitter’s algorithm continually feeds us juicy crumbs of news, trends, and recreations, to keep us hooked. The translucent speed of posts and sharing can lead to genuine dependence and anxiety of missing out when you’re offline.


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