All over the world, Telenor Telecom company is proud to have the largest number of subscribers. It has 176 million family members from 12 countries in Central Eastern Europe, Asia, and Scandinavia. The secret behind such popularity of customers Telenor telecom is its high-quality voice packages, stronger communication services, and data packages in about 12 countries of Asia and Europe.

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Telenor brings unbelievable call packages to its customers. It offers lower call rates with high-quality call services. 

If you love to call your beloved, then You need to choose the best which saves your SIM balance.

In Pakistan, different telecommunications companies offer different packages at different prices. But people will definitely choose packaging that meets their needs at a low cost. In this article, we will discuss Telenor Call Packages Daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly 2018.

Even more, For the assistance of the customers, Telenor Talkshawk offers Telenor daily call packages, Telenor weekly, and Telenor monthly call packages according to their requirements. So, let’s check the details of Telenor call packages daily weekly monthly, and hourly.

Telenor Hourly call Package

Check the details of Telenor hourly call packages. Check out the new and updated Telenor call Packages here.

Name                          Charges         Code            Details

Good Time Offer      Rs. 5             *345*20#        Unlimited on-net mints, 200 MB Facebook

  • valid for  2 hours except for 6 pm to 9 pm for Telenor hourly call packages

Telenor Daily Call Packages

 Here check the details of Telenor daily call packages. 

Name                      Charges               Code              Details

Full-Day Offer        Rs. 12               *5*250#         Unlimited Telenor calls

Saat Se Saat Offer   Rs. 9                   *5*727#        Free on-net Mints,20 MB, Unlimited SMS

Din Bhar Offer          Rs. 10                 *345*006#     6 AM to 6 PM Free calls, 6MB

Super Hit Offer          Rs. 15              *345*011#          Free Calls except for 7 pm-10 pm

Poora Pakistan Offer Rs. 17               *345*24#         Unlimited Telenor calls 24 hours

Telenor 3-Day call Package

 Here check the details of Telenor 3-Day call packages. Check out the new and updated Telenor 3-Day call Packages here.

Name                                   Charges            Code            Details

Telenor Din Bhar Offer       Rs. 24            *345*626#     Free calls (6 AM to 6 PM )

Super Hit Offer                     Rs. 34          *345*299#       Free calls except for 7 pm-10 pm

3 Din Sahulat Offer              Rs.40            *5*3#             25 Off-net+250 On-net, 250 SMS, 50MB

Telenor Weekly call Packages

So, Here check the details of Telenor weekly call packages. 

Name                                                   Charges        Code           Details

Haftawaar Chaappar phar Offer     Rs. 74            *5*700#    Free Telenor calls on the weekend and 700 on-net mints

  • The validity period is 7 days for Telenor weekly call packages

Telenor Monthly call Packages

Here check out the details of Telenor Monthly call packages. 

Name                                 Charges                Code           Details

Mahana Rakhwala Offer      Rs. 418  *345*30#     3000 on-net mints, 3000 SMS, 300 MBs

 valid for 30 days for Telenor monthly call packages

Postpaid Packages

  • Postpaid packages will be updated soon.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Enjoy cheap Telenor call packages
  • Go official for website for Telenor call packages.
  • Terms and conditions applied on Telenor call packages.
  • So, For Balance checking Dial *444#.
  • So, For any additional assistance, you can call on 345.
  • Thus, a Withholding tax of 12.5% applies on recharge/bill
  • Finally, Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA

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  • Above all, Unwanted and unreasonable messages can report by texting Sender’s Number to 9000 –PTA

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