The Taliban have caught a vital district in their previous stronghold of Kandahar — the furthest down the line area to be seized since US troops started their last withdrawal — after wild evening time fighting with Afghan government powers, authorities said on Sunday. The agitators have pressed on with their mission to catch domains across Afghanistan’s rustic areas since early May when the US military started the pullout.

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The fall of the Panjwai district in the southern province of Kandahar comes only two days after US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) powers abandoned their primary Bagram Air Base close to Kabul, from where they drove activities for twenty years against the Taliban and their Al Qaeda partners.

Throughout the long term, the Taliban and Afghan powers have routinely conflicted in and around Panjwai, with the radicals expecting to hold onto it, given its nearness to the Kandahar city, the provincial capital.

The province of Kandahar is the origin of the Taliban, who proceeded to control Afghanistan with an unforgiving variant of the Sharia law until being ousted by a US-drove intrusion in 2001.

Panjwai Governor Hasti Mohammad said Afghan powers and the Taliban conflicted during the evening, bringing about government powers withdrawing from the area. Kandahar provincial board head Sayed Jan Khakriwal affirmed the fall of Panjwai, yet blamed government powers for “purposefully pulling out”.

Fighting has seethed across a few provinces of Afghanistan as of late and the Taliban guarantee to have held onto more than 100 out of almost 400 districts in the country. Afghan authorities question the cases yet recognize that government troops have withdrawn from certain districts. It is hard to autonomously check the circumstance.

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The exit of foreign soldiers from Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, has fueled concerns the guerillas will increase their mission to catch a new area. Bagram Air Base has extraordinary military and representative importance, with foreign powers recently positioned there offering crucial air support in the battle against the extremists. Afghan authorities who have assumed responsibility for the base say they will utilize it to battle terrorism, and have effectively re-enacted its radar system.


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