The Taliban said on Friday they currently control 85% of Afghanistan’s region as the group mount a hostile in the midst of a US military withdrawal, however, the group’s cases can’t be freely confirmed.

At a press conference in Moscow, Taliban mediator Shahabuddin Delaware said that “85% of Afghanistan’s domain” is under the group’s control, including exactly 250 of the country’s 398 districts.

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Delaware said that the US withdrawal was a consequence of the Taliban bringing Afghanistan’s populace over to its side under the “guideline of Islam”. He added that there was no concurrence with the United States for the Taliban not to assault regulatory centers staying under Kabul’s influence.

On Thursday, a Taliban assignment in Moscow met with the Kremlin’s agent for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, while the Russian foreign ministry delivered a statement saying that it had gotten confirmations Central Asian lines would not be disregarded.

Suhail Shaheen, the group’s representative, said the different sides talked about new advancements in “our country”. He added that the harmony cycle and different issues of shared interest were additionally examined in the meeting with Kabulov.

Shaheen said Delaware guaranteed the Russian government that all boundaries now in Taliban control “will stay open and useful”. This week in excess of 1,000 Afghan soldiers escaped into Tajikistan after a rankling hostile by the Taliban in the north of Afghanistan.

Afghan authorities have pledged to retake every one of the districts lost to the guerillas and conveyed many commandos to counter their hostility in the north. Moscow is intently watching the hostile, worried about the security of Central Asian nations where it keeps up with military bases.

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Russian foreign ministry representative Maria Zakharova said Friday that the Taliban “as of now controls around 66%” of Afghanistan’s line with ex-Soviet Tajikistan. US President Joe Biden on Thursday guarded his country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, however, he conceded that it was “exceptionally improbable” Kabul would have the option to control the whole country.


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