Somewhere close to the cases of the little girl of Afghanistan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil that she was attacked in a taxi and the police saying that they discovered no proof of her supposed hijacking and attack lies reality.

Tending to a news conference alongside Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf on Monday, the capital’s police chief said that the proof that the police assembled doesn’t corroborate with what the diplomat’s girl, Selsela Alikhil, stated in her protest.

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Responding to an inquiry, the police chief said, the police have learned numerous things yet “we need their help, collaboration, and assistance to decide this load of things”. Sharing details of the police examination concerning the supposed kidnapping and arrival of the Afghan representative’s girl in Islamabad last week, the IGP narrated the entire episode that has been confirmed by specialized just as human asset groups over the most recent three days.

Announcing that the case is critical and touchy, the IGP said, detailing and working out a particular episode – “a thoroughly visually impaired case” – was a test for the police. The capital’s top cop said that no details of the occurrence were accessible after the report was documented with the police.

Rehman said that the Islamabad police used the entirety of its assets – made five committed groups, including specialized examination group, human knowledge investigation, attacks, and activities group, and data examination group, which was altogether upheld by the insight organizations.

In the examination interaction over the most recent three days, he said, more than 300 cameras were investigated, which included Safe City’s and private cameras introduced at various areas in the twin urban communities. The IG said that more than 700-hour-long video chronicles were checked and more than 220 individuals have so far been interviewed, adding that it’s a typical practice in the country that the vehicle is driven by another person and not the proprietor and there were events where a vehicle had various proprietors.

He said that the groups worked nonstop – checked the proprietors, followed their areas, reached and examined them just to discover that the proprietor had offered the vehicle to another person.

Rehman said that more than 350 police authorities, including ladies, were chipping away at the case nonstop for as far back as three days. The police chief said that the summarize of this load of endeavors empowered the police to decide and confirm the course that the complainant had taken right from leaving her home to coming back to it.

Portraying the episode with the assistance of the proof gathered, the IGP said the complainant ventured out from home by walking and took the primary taxi wherein she headed out from Rana Market to Khadda Market and purchased a blessing from that point. He said the police followed the taxi proprietor and checked the details of her movement course.

The police followed the subsequent taxi, he said, adding that the vehicle was followed and had three proprietors whom the police came to in the wake of researching consistently. The IG said that the driver checked that he took her from Khadda Market to Saddar, Rawalpindi, and charged Rs600, adding that all the CCTV recordings from Khadda Market to Expressway to Faizabad and Saddar, Rawalpindi have effectively been acquired.

Therefore, the top cop said, the examination groups arrived at where the taxi driver dropped her, adding that the equivalent was confirmed by eight CCTV cameras introduced at Saddar, Rawalpindi. The driver’s mobile telephone was additionally followed and it coordinated with the course just as the objective with accurate planning.

Then, at that point, she employed another taxi from Saddar, Rawalpindi to Damn-e-Koh in Islamabad, he kept up with, adding that the police obtained some much-needed education about her from the CCTV cameras introduced around Damn-e-Koh. He said that they followed the taxi driver who affirmed that he took her from Saddar, Rawalpindi to Damn-e-Koh for Rs700.

Here, he said, the fourth taxi becomes possibly the most important factor. The police chief said that the fourth taxi driver picked her from Damn-e-Koh and dropped her at F-9 Park, including that her guidelines, the driver took her to F-6 preceding going to F-9 Park.

The IG said that the driver told the police that she requested that he take her to F-6 as she needed to utilize a telephone, saying that the complainant’s home is situated at F-7 and the government office at F-6. After she was unable to discover a telephone, he said, she requested that the taxi driver drop her at F-9 Park, which he at last did.

At F-9, she utilized somebody’s telephone to settle on a decision to the government office, and later the consulate staff came to get her and dropped her at her home. He said that the individual whose telephone she utilized has additionally been distinguished.

Rehman said that the entire track – from home-to-home voyaging – was distinguished just as checked; every one of the drivers has been confirmed; their specialized record just as the protected city and private cameras additionally confirm something very similar.

Rehman said that the police have looked for additional help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address a couple of focuses for the situation and sent a verbal note also. Conversing with the media people, NSA Yusuf said the bogus social media crusade orchestrated by checked Indian social media accounts, which shared a bogus image of the Afghan emissary’s little girl, was essential for the hybrid fighting against Pakistan.

The Indian promulgation was pointed toward making cracks among Islamabad and Kabul, citing the EU DisinfoLab report, which had uncovered the Indian organization of phony media sources which were censuring Pakistan at the international fora.

Indistinguishable social media accounts, which spread purposeful publicity identified with Kashmir and Balochistan, had been found associated with fanning counterfeit news in regards to the implied kidnapping adventure of Afghan diplomat’s girl, he added.

A few spoilers of harmony, he said, were attempting to make Pakistan a substitute for their disappointments and they were attempting to build up a bogus story that Pakistan and Afghanistan were interminable adversaries.

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He additionally featured introductions showing different scam social media crusades generated through bots and confirmed Twitter accounts working from India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.


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