This the period of viral spilled video of compelling individuals in Pakistan. After Mufti Aziz and afterward Usman Mirza, today’s special is the full popular video of DG Narcotics Punjab Lutf Ullah Niazi and government college Lala Musa Mohtarma Tabassum Nazir.

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It’s anything but about the private minutes and it’s anything but about interfering in somebody’s security. Everything’s tied in with ensuring that we do what is required and what we don’t do is the thing that we don’t. Lutf Ullah Niazi DG Punjab Anti-Narcotics and Advocate Tabassum Nazeer are only one example of what’s up with our general public. We realize that these are powerful individuals with no disgrace or thing except for they have heaps of clout and they have such countless connections that is it’s difficult to try and face these individuals or accept them to the court as they are so very much associated.

I imagined that Pakistanis overall are adamantly committed to ideals. I generally accepted that we are an Islamic culture and traditionalist in nature. I likewise believed that we care about one another. I think the principle issue emerges from and becomes possibly the most important factor when we consider what being prudent methods. “Be prudent” isn’t noteworthy. It’s anything but about not getting spilled videos I figure. It takes some reflecting to sort out what that would mean. Or on the other hand, might be I am failing to understand the situation.

I realize that it’s not our concern to jab our noses in what Mr. Lutf Niazi and what Mrs. Tabassum do in their extra time behind the shut entryways. However, shouldn’t something be said about when a helpless man does that? Have you seen the video of Usman Mirza and that couple? Could Usman Mirza do likewise with Lutf Ullah Niazi? Would Niazi tolerate such conduct from Usman Mirza? It’s the nation of powerful where we don’t have any say and the poor are just there to get trampled down.

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