The Supreme Court on Wednesday requested the federal government to decide the cost of oxygen cylinders required for Covid patients and furthermore devise a component in such a manner.

A three-part seat headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed gave the headings on a request by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government while hearing a suo motu case in regards to measures taken to manage the Covid-19 emergency.

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The KP advocate general educated the court that because of a cost not having been set, providers were charging extreme rates for oxygen cylinders, which are pivotal for the treatment of fundamentally sick Covid-19 patients.

After the chief of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) disassociated his office from the issue, the court requested the Ministry of Industries and Production to devise an instrument and decide the cost of oxygen cylinders within two days.

During the meeting, the zenith court likewise named as unacceptable reports presented by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the Sindh government with respect to measures taken to battle Covid-19.

Chief Justice Ahmed commented that an enormous amount of oxygen could be created by the oxygen plant of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), guiding specialists to make it useful.

Notwithstanding, the extra principal legal officer educated the court that the oxygen plant at PSM was 40 years of age, and resuscitating it would cost Rs.1 billion. The court requested the govt legal advisor to present an itemized report in regards to the accessibility of oxygen.

The chief justice likewise asked why the govt had permitted the import of unregistered medications and clinical gear, thinking about how the govt will know which items were being imported.

At this, Drap authorities educated the court that various clinical hardware including ventilators was being made in the country. They said there was no deficiency of any medication used to treat Covid-19 patients.

While communicating worry over the condition of isolate focuses in the country, Chief Justice Ahmed guided the NDMA director to quickly visit the offices. He said it gave the idea that there were inconsistencies in the entirety of NDMA’s undertakings.

He likewise asked why buys were made, and the contracted plane was masterminded, through the Pakistani government office in China. He coordinated the NDMA to present a report in regards to the circumstance at isolate focuses, and the health secretary to present a new report in regards to the govt measures to handle the pandemic.

Equity Ahmed likewise communicated dismay at the shortfall of the Sindh advocate general in the present hearing. He said the Sindh government had professed to have spent enormous amounts of cash on Karachi and Covid patients, remarking that assuming the figures were valid, “Sindh ought to have become Paris”.

He saw that the Sindh government had additionally expressed that it had burned through $2,600 million on schooling. The court looked for an explanation on the shortfall of the Sindh advocate general and a report from the provincial government. The meeting was therefore deferred for a month.

Pakistan is right now attempting to contain a third influx of Covid diseases, with in excess of 800,000 cases and 18,000 deaths pronounced and just a small portion of the populace having been inoculated.

After a consistent ascent in Covid-19 cases for just about a quarter of a year, a descending pattern was at last seen on Monday as both the energy proportion and the number of cases declined.

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Notwithstanding, specialists accept that Pakistan has been confronting a circumstance like that of last Ramazan and the number of cases may increment again if individuals disregarded the Covid related SOPs as they did during the Eid occasions a year ago. The nation enrolled 4,113 new cases and 119 deaths during the most recent 24 hours, as indicated by true information.


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