SAMSUNG has all the earmarks of being chipping away at another virtual assistant called Sam for users of its Galaxy smartphone territory. Over the course of the end of the week, outline studio Lightfarm shared pictures of the female character on social media before rapidly bringing them down.

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Insights regarding the idea for “Samsung Galaxy’s virtual assistant” presented on the Singapore outfit’s site were additionally hurriedly eliminated. Sam, who one online analyst contrasted with a Pixar character, is you lady with blue eyes, medium-length earthy colored hair, and blushing shamelessly.

In the spilled pictures, she’s envisioned holding what has all the earmarks of being a Samsung smartphone and has “Samsung Galaxy” decorated on her dim polo shirt. Up until this point, there’s been no authority declaration from Samsung about another virtual assistant.

Be that as it may, the firm has apparently been chipping away at development to its failure Siri rival, Bixby, for quite a long time. In a now-erased post, Lightfarm examined working with the Cheil Agency – a marketing organization claimed by Samsung – on the venture.

It’s not immediately certain whether the pictures were essential for an ideal project or addressed the last plan chose by Samsung. It’s not satisfactory when – if at any point – the South Korean firm intends to carry the assistant out to users of its Galaxy gadgets.

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Beacon didn’t examine what the virtual assistant will assist users with. Other AI aides, like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, can respond to questions, set alerts and clocks, look into the climate, and that’s just the beginning. Samsung has been reached for input. On social media, users responded in pleasure to the spilled pictures.


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