The legal remand of Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman — the pastor blamed for physically mishandling a madrassa student — has been reached out for 14 days. An argument identified with sexual unfortunate behavior against a student was heard at the Cantt Court of Lahore. Legal Magistrate Rana Rashid Ali heard the case.

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The court not just broadened the legal remand of Aziz-ur-Rehman for an additional 14 days yet additionally guided the police to present a charge sheet of the case at the most punctual. It ought to be reviewed that Rahman was captured from Mianwali after a video showing him physically mishandling a theological college student turned into a web sensation on social media.

The student had said Rehman physically mishandled him, while the minister’s children began extorting and taking steps to kill him. “In the event that equity isn’t done, I will end it all,” the survivor had said in the FIR.

When police enrolled an argument against Aziz, he escaped from the madrassa he was working at to keep away from capture and looked for asylum at the places of a portion of his students. Police had said Aziz self-isolated in various areas, including Township, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, and Mianwali.

They said that Aziz and his children were followed by means of their mobile telephone areas. They were stowing away in Mianwali when the police at long last captured them. The police said that he “admitted to his wrongdoing during interrogation”.

As per the police, Aziz, the previous director of the Jamia Manzor Al-Islamia in Lahore Cantt, admitted that the viral video showed him and said it was “subtly recorded” by his student. The priest additionally admitted that he had baited the student with good grades in exams and had later physically manhandled him. He additionally said that once the video became famous online, he was unfortunate about the repercussions.

Aziz told the police that his children had compromised the student and advised him not to address anybody about it. In any case, regardless of the dangers, the student felt free to post the video online.

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The pastor likewise said that he gave a video statement since he would not like to leave the madrassa, adding that after the video release, the organization of the madrassa asked him to find employment elsewhere.


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