A Punjab police constable has been captured over the homicide of a vindicated man of obscenity accusations last year, a police representative said. Ahmed Nawaz disclosed to Reuters that Muhammad Waqas was hacked to death on Friday in district Sadiqabad of Punjab.

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He said the suspect, a 21-year-elderly person who joined the power only months prior, told examiners he killed Waqas in light of the fact that “he had submitted profanation”. Waqas was charged in a disrespect case in 2016. The Lahore High Court (LHC) toppled the conviction in 2020, and Waqas was delivered from jail.

In July 2020, Tahir Naseem, a US resident of Pakistani beginning, was gunned down and killed as he remained under the steady gaze of an appointed authority in Peshawar to answer impiety charges.

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