Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED), Punjab is an appended substance of the School Education Department with the order of giving Professional Development to the public-school teachers and education chiefs all over Punjab.

According to headings of Federal/Provincial Government. QAED Punjab will dispatch preparation of all Primary School Teachers (PSTs) both from the public and private sector on Single National Curriculum (SNC) and Model Textbooks (Pre-l to V) in July 2021.

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QAED Punjab in this association has effectively organized online direction sessions, all things considered, and DEOS (DEAs) on 12.06.2021 in regards to the preparation of PSTs on SNC to make them sharpened about their duties relating to conduction of this preparation in their particular districts. QAED has fostered the accompanying expectations for CEOs (DEAs) in such a manner for smooth and compelling conduction of this preparation with the full investment of PSTS both from the Public and Private sectors:

  • CEOs (DEAs) will sensitize PSTs (Public + Private) of their district through their lower formation about the importance of SNC and ensure their complete participation in training.
  • SNC training has been developed on a hybrid training approach.
  • Three (03) Days Training by Master Trainers on Microsoft Teams.
  • Three (03) days of training on Learning Management System (LMS).
  • They will ensure that the PSTS will get training on SNC through both Learning Management System (LMS) and Microsoft Teams.
  • CEOs (DEA) will inform and ensure that Public Sector teachers get themselves registered for SNC training through an online portal developed by PITB from 25th of June 2021 till 5th of July 2021.
  • CEOs (DEA) will inform and encourage private sector teachers of the registered Schools to get registered for SNC training through an online portal developed by PITB from 25th of June 202 till 5th of July 2021.
  • CEOs will be given access to SNC Dashboard to check the registration/enrolment status of both Public & Private Teachers of their districts on daily basis to complete the process of registration on the fast track.
  • Microsoft Teams Accounts for all Public Sector School Teachers have been created and are being intimated through their provided Emails at SIS/HRMIS data. CEOs will ensure that these Microsoft Teams Accounts are activated immediately by Primary School Teachers upon receipt of login/Passwords through Emails by doing log in to these accounts at least once.
  • All Public & Private Teachers are required to log in to their LMS (www.snc.gov.pk/login) through the already provided login/Password to see the schedule of their classes by 13th July 2021. positively. CEOs will disseminate this to all concerned and will positively ensure this.
  • SNC training is likely to commence w.e.f. 144h July 2021.
  • CEOS/Primary School Teachers in case of any query related to LMS/training may contact PITB Complaint Resolution Center at (042-11111-2020) or through Email at ([email protected])
  • Detailed operational guidelines/manuals will be made available on the QAED Punjab Official Website (www.gaed.edu.pk).
  • All CEOs will keep themselves updated regularly with reference to training schedules and relevant instructions available on the QAED Punjab Official Website (www.gaed.edu.pk).
  • CEOs will be responsible to oversee and monitor SNC training in their districts.
  • They will ensure to extend full support in the conduction of SNC training and in the resolution of any administrative issues that arise during training.
  • They will not engage PSTs in any other activity during the conduction of SNC training.
  • They will ensure relieving of Lead/Master Trainers from respective schools to conduct training.
  • All CEOs will ensure the distribution of textbooks to all Public Primary School teachers for training purposes before 8th July 2021 as these are already available in schools/warehouses in the districts.
  • CEOs are to disseminate through an appropriate local media strategy to all Private Primary School Teachers to arrange /manage such textbooks on their own before July 2021.

Moreover, every one of the CEOs (DEAS) other than above, should spread the accompanying directions to every one of the PSTs through their field officers (DEOs, Dy. DEOS, and AEOs) for going to online preparing in SNC utilizing Microsoft Teams:

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  • Participants should install the Microsoft Teams app or desktop web interface on their mobiles/tablets/computers/laptops.
  • They may have a strong/reliable internet connection to attend the online session.
  • Participants must join the online session at the prescribed time.
  • Participants may keep their audio and video off during the online session.
  • Participants may keep a notepad and pen with them for noting important points of the training session.

It is along these lines mentioned to compassionately carry out the above-stated expectations in letter and soul for making this preparation fruitful.


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