Pakistan has acquired these upgraded tanks from Serbia.

History of t55 tanks:
t54 and t55 are tanks that were the backbone of the soviet union in the second world war. The very first prototype of the t54 tank was produced at Nizhny Tagil.
With the passage of time and due to the competency of t54 this tank became a key tank of the soviet army. Even the armies of the warsaw pact used these tanks in many wars. This is exciting to know that t54 and t55 are the most produced tanks in history.
Till at this time the total numbers produced of these tanks are approximately up to 100000. Different variants were introduced with the passage of time. these include t62 t64 t72 t80 t90.

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Major upgrades:

  1. Mobility Improvement

a) Integration of MPP-780 Modular Powerpack Unit with 780 HP output.
b) Mounting New Track Link with Rubber Pads.

  1. Protection Enhancements

a) Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) on Hull & Turret (ERA is Kontakt-5).
b) Anti-Heat Protection with Impregnated Rubber Screens.
c) Halon-Based Fire Extinguishing System.
d) NBC Protection Subsystems.
e) Smoke Grenades Dischargers.
f) Fuel Tanks with Anti-Explosive Protection Kit.
g) Integration of Mine Clearing Equipment.
h) Integration of Laser Illumination Detectors into Defensive Suite.
i) Radar Warning & Chaff Launchers.
j) Battlefield Management System.

  1. Firepower Improvements

a) 105mm Rifle Barreled Gun with improved Modern Fire Control System.
b) Panoramic Day/Night Observation Station.
c) APFSDS-T Fire Introduction.
d) Thermal Sleeve.
e) PKT Coaxial Machine Gun.
f) NSV Anti-Aircraft Gun.

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Why Pakistan acquired these T-55 tanks not any other?.

  1. The total number of tanks bought from Serbia is 282 & this number will have a significant impact on any adversary. These tanks can knock out any 3rd Generation MBT.
  2. These tanks will be given to FC KPK & hence will be deployed Western border of Afghanistan.
  3. They will give FC a strategic advantage in terms of direct/accurate fire, will be used to carry personals with maximum safety (Work as APC).
  4. This is low cost but definitely a very effective & efficient solution to upgrade FC.

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