Pakistan has dismissed claims made by a senior Afghan authority that it had given “close air support” to the Afghan Taliban after the furnished group assumed control over a key boundary going between the two nations, a Pakistani foreign ministry statement says.

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Afghanistan’s First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Thursday evening affirmed that Pakistani powers were supporting the Afghan Taliban after they assumed responsibility for the Spin Boldak line crossing with Pakistan in Kandahar province recently.

On Friday, Pakistan’s foreign ministry, in its statement, said Pakistan’s aviation-based armed forces were limited to securing the Pakistani air space. The statement said that Pakistan recognized the Afghan government’s “more right than wrong to embrace activities on its sovereign domain”.

The disagreement comes after the Afghan Taliban powers assumed responsibility for the Spin Boldak crossing, known as Chaman on the Pakistani side of the line, on Wednesday. The white banner of the Afghan Taliban supplanted the Afghan government’s banner at the line intersection, and it stayed set up on Friday, albeit fighting is continuous.

Pakistani authorities disclosed to Al Jazeera they resumed the boundary-crossing, which is one of the principal trade and travel courses between the two nations, for a brief period on Thursday to permit abandoned Afghans and Pakistanis to get back on the off chance that they so wished.

The line stayed shut on Friday, as per a statement by authorities in Chaman. The United States is weeks from a full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, under a harmony bargain endorsed with the Afghan Taliban in February 2020.

As of late, the Afghan Taliban have dispatched a huge hostile across the region, assuming responsibility for a few district capitals from Afghan government powers. Direct harmony talks between the Afghan Taliban and Afghan government, slowed down for quite a long time, are because of resume in the Qatari capital Doha, with senior authorities saying talks could happen on Friday.

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Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Thursday said its arrangements to hold a three-day Afghan harmony conference in the Pakistani capital Islamabad from Saturday stayed unaltered, with a few senior Afghan pioneers welcome to those discussions.


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