Pakistan on Tuesday gave more than seven holders of Covid-19 supplies to the Afghan government to assist with fighting the pandemic. The handover function was held at the Turkham line which was gone to by Afghan and Pakistani wellbeing authorities while Chief Custom Collector Asif Mehmood Jah went to the occasion as the chief visitor.

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Tending to the service, the traditions official said Pakistan has consistently stood side by side with Afghan residents during testing times and Islamabad would stretch out all conceivable help to Kabul to adapt to Covid-19.

The trade exercises between the two nations endured a ton because of the pandemic and added that with the collaboration from the different sides the trade exercises would be improved once the circumstance gets back to business as usual, Asif Mehmood added.

The custom authority said both the adjoining nations can manage the Covid-19 pandemic if individuals get inoculated against Covid. Talking on the event, Afghan Consulate Commercial Attaché Fawad Asghar said that the pandemic has gravely influenced the vocation of Afghanistan, adding with the collaboration of cordial nations the circumstance would get back to business as usual.

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The Afghan authority said that Afghanistan is in desperate need of oxygen as the nation is wrestling with the third rush of the pandemic set off by new infection variations. The seven compartments compromising medications, oxygen chambers, ventilators, and different adornments were given to Afghan business attaché.


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