The current Auto Developing Policy 2016-21 acquired numerous new parts in the market with exceptionally high nearby interest in the area, which likewise naturally brought the about wide scope of new items for the shoppers. Since mid-2019, with the beginning of the KIA neighborhood get-together of their model lineup, the automobile business going full speed ahead. We saw new items in a steady progression and it kept shoppers on the toes and it continued to structure their energy. Also, this time, it is Honda City.

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Albeit the new brands and their model’s setup may be ostentatious and alluring, there is each other long-running model in our market which has consistently been a point of conversation in a positive or negative manner and you can get it effectively, ” The Honda City “. Albeit Civic is the leader model for Honda Atlas, it is genuinely Honda City that has been managing everything and bread and butter for the Honda Atlas Pakistan Limited [HAPL]. A purchaser in the market has been consistently on post at whatever point there is a slight sign or any report about the substitution of the right now accessible Honda City. Regardless of how much the City is reprimanded, individuals actually talk about it and need to find out about it.

The current model of Honda City went into creation outside Pakistan in 2008 while in Pakistan it got life in 2009 as the fifth era with case code GM2/GM3 and Honda Atlas favored it upon us from that point forward. Back in November 2013, the sixth era undercarriage Code GM4/5/6 was presented “Outside Pakistan” . which went into deals first quarter of 2014 across India and a number of nations in the ASEAN Region. While the world began appreciating the more up-to-date sixth era of City, HAPL acquainted a facelift with the nearby model City in October 2014 enough however the lifecycle of the fifth creating was at that point over.

Nearby purchaser in Pakistan had an expectation that after this facelift we may see a sixth era which is regular after a facelift yet it won’t ever occur. At that point toward the beginning of April 2017, Honda Atlas began its mystery setting up camp and the fans again went wild and thought now it’s time for something new yet all expectations went down the channel when Honda Atlas dispatched one more facelift and named it “Another City”. At that point four months after the fact, toward the beginning of August 2017, another mystery crusade began with slogans like “Are You Ready ? ” and “Speeding up Perfection” showing unequaled celebrated Shark-Fin Antenna.

The insightful auto/Honda devotees of Pakistan began getting distrustful and albeit many were at that point sure this is a similar City, yet barely any actually were hopeful about another one. Lamentably again all expectations were covered when Honda Atlas presented one more facelift and this time inside 4 months of a generally prior facelift. This resembled a facelift of the facelift and truly frustrating and awful.

Despite the fact that there was a great deal of analysis going on the whole way across the web-based media, Honda City stayed the success and there was no mark in its interest, resale. Around the equivalent time period, Honda Atlas was additionally selling the recently delivered tenth Gen Honda Civic and monetarily Honda Atlas was posting record benefits and this can be seen from the way that the benefits bounced from 3.5 Billion out of 2016 to 6 Billion of every 2017.

Good to beat all, Honda Atlas did another minor facelift change in 2019 despite the fact that it was not publicized or authoritatively detailed due to the dread of outrageous kickback. Rather than the circumstance of Honda City in Pakistan, Honda Thailand uncovered the all-new seventh era of Honda City in November 2019. The seventh went available to be purchased in India and different business sectors in the first quarter of 2020 and this made a Pakistan homegrown model Honda City “2 Generations” behind. The time had come to change the name of Honda City to “Honda Facelift”.

Remember with each facelift and with another customary stretch, the model continued sneaking up in prices. It is additionally imperative to take note of that even in the wake of being underway for so long, the conveyance season of Honda City actually stayed 3 months and now and again considerably more and the grievous bootleg market/premium mafia stayed dynamic in view of interest supply hole.

The absence of rivalry on the lookout, non-accessibility of any little size B-Segment vehicle gets all the acknowledgment for making the fifth-era Honda City the longest-running underway Honda Model in Pakistan. The purchaser had either a choice of little hatchbacks or the lead vehicle fit as a fiddle of Corolla and Civic. Anybody searching for spending amicable “digging wali gari” had no other alternative.

In the interim, fortunately not just the new Auto Policy went right into it however Toyota likewise got their work done and presented Toyota Yaris car in mid-2020 and that was some defining moment for Honda to consider their activity. Deals graphs began showing decay and It was currently an ideal opportunity for Honda ATLAS to ATLAST penance their hen. The appearance of Changan Alsvin and section-level Proton Saga further soaked the fragment.

Is sixth Generation on Its Way?

In late 2019, when the world was still exceptionally typical with no obvious indications of COVID-19, solid news was circling about the arrival of the Toyota Yaris car, which later was recognized on numerous occasions in disguise out and about of Pakistan. The model was authoritatively uncovered in March 2020. Around a similar time, there was another intriguing piece of information and I feel pleased that I for one broke this news on PakistanIssues.

This news was the principal indication of the death of the fifth era of Honda City. I discovered through Pakistan Import Data that Honda Atlas imported a CBU/Completely Built Unit of a sixth-era GM6 Honda City from Thailand. Car organizations in Pakistan import fabricated cars as demo units to foster nearby models, including the parts advancement/store network and it is a run-of-the-mill methodology wherever across the world.

According to introductory reports, Honda Atlas wanted to present the GM6 before the end of 2020 but since of progressing COVID-19 circumstance, there were operational deferrals. In spite of the fact that there was proof of GM6 City a work in progress, there were likewise numerous solid gossipy tidbits about seventh-era City. For longer than a time of speculating, expectation, gauging, and regular tales, Honda Atlas finally began a web-based media secret mission as of late, and indeed forecast began. The subsequent secret picture came as a short video cut which shows a DRL on the front fog light and messing with photoshop, one can think about what it is.

It is currently for all intents and purposes affirmed that clients in Pakistan will before long invite a substitution of the fifth era of Honda City. Albeit this is uplifting news since this isn’t another facelift, similar to different occasions beforehand however this time once more, the discussion and dissatisfaction is back in real life and surprisingly much before the dispatch of the model. Reason being, once more presentation of a stopped model.

While Honda Atlas is attempting to prod us with shadow picture and will continue doing it until its uncover, this forthcoming model isn’t different to us even in Pakistan. A similar age of City is imported in Pakistan as used JDM/Japanese Domestic Model with half breed powertrain and the model is known as Honda Grace in Pakistan. I for one think Honda Atlas unquestionably have tried their rendition of the neighborhood gathered sixth era Honda City on Pakistani streets. Chartbook may never need to keep it discrete with a cover since it would appear that another current Honda Grace effectively out and about. For this situation putting it under the wrap may have just caused a consideration; without it, got it far from any sharp eyes.

Dispatch in International Market

The GM6 was dispatched outside Pakistan in 2013/14 and it got a facelift in 2017 for certain exterior and interior updates. The impending Pakistani form of Honda City will be a facelift form and expected to be accessible in 5 variations. Thus, presently as we understand what we are getting, how about we go over what we can expect on the impending model. Kindly remember that this is an assessment article and no authority subtleties are accessible as of now. Also, pictures shared thus this article is for reference just and to comprehend the potential contrasts as it were.


The sixth era was created at Honda R&D Japan with contribution from Honda India. The new model depends on a similar stage as the fifth era we at present have however clearly for certain updates and upgrades. The sixth is the suspended model however it will be new for us. On estimating scale the sixth era is 4442mm long, 1694mm wide, 1477mm high and has a wheelbase of 2600mm. The model has a ground freedom of 165mm. The current City we have is 4395mm long, 1695mm wide, 1480mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2550mm. This implies that the forthcoming City is somewhat greater to the extent impression and with 2″ of increment wheelbase.

These measurements probably won’t be gigantic however will improve the traveler space particularly in back seats where legroom is expanded by 60mm. The exhaust framework is additionally upgraded to improve the floor utilization of the vehicle yet additionally helps in diminishing contact with the ground surface on knocks. Another significant update is moving the gas tank to the new area which is under the front seat of our flow City. The tank is presently moved routinely like under back seats around there. This aids in improving the front and back seating situating and inhabitants see just as improves the solace.

The storage compartment capacity in-class driving and stands at 510L, an expansion of around 4 liters over the fifth era. In general, we will perceive any by and large better insight into the extent of space. Honda likewise improved the design/case of the GM6 making it more inflexible, lighter, and more grounded with extra utilization of high strength steel.


As I referenced effectively, the model isn’t new for us and we have effectively considered it to be JDM Grace. Thus, it probably won’t be infectious or striking for the public not at all like new models which can get connecting with after the delivery. Generally speaking, the GM6 City is an advancement of the past fifth-era City. The model got a facelift in 2017 and around a year after the arrival of tenth era Civic. the facelifted City showed a planned impact of Civic X on the front. The facelift got another honeycombed front flame broil and Honda front chrome board across the width which Honda calls Honda Wing. The new chrome goes right across over headlights. The City keeps a similar low front overhung with a sloping hood and a refreshed guard which is currently more rakish and energetic looking at prelude lift.

The facelift additionally got new headlights to plan with LED DRL while LED mist lights are likewise given. As an afterthought profile, similar to the fifth-era City we have, a character line goes right from front to raise slopping upwards yet now more articulated. The backside likewise gets a refreshed guard and accessible LED taillights with an associating chrome strip. The storage compartment is additionally updated and with a more extensive opening. The high-mounted stop light which sits on top of the package rack will be standard across the arrangement on the Pakistani model.

We here in Pakistan ought to anticipate a similar exterior yet there is a plausibility that we probably won’t get LED headlights [ the mystery front lamp is for halogen fog light with DRL] on any of the variations and we probably won’t see LED taillights on any of the variations. A standard halogen headlight with DRL is normal and ordinary halogen mist lights. Honda Atlas additionally may jump at the chance to save not many highlights for their own rendition of the facelift and we may see these in a couple of years’ time. I trust at the dispatch of City, Atlas favor us with the alternative of LED headlights and taillights at any rate on the completely stacked model.

Contingent upon trim, chrome entryway handles will be accessible, except body shaded on the base models. The side view reflects pointer probably won’t appear on base models however will be accessible on upper trims. We ought to expect 15″ steel wheels with covers on base models while new 15″ amalgams will be accessible with 175/55 size. Abroad model likewise has an alternative of two-tone 16″ with 185/55 size. I trust we see this on our best-in-class model. We will invite shark-blade radio wire again as standard on all forms of the City. In general, there will be not many things to search for across different variations when Atlas dispatches their rendition of the GM6 City.


I realize we are in 2021 and this interior probably won’t have a wow factor and too dull yet back in 2014 when this City was dispatched it was valued with better bundling over the past age, the one we are appreciating presently now. The GM6 City uses improved materials and configuration to decrease outside sound, brutality, and vibration. Driver-centered dashboard with effectively available control and Honda brand theory of Man Maximum-Machine Minimum was used for greatest tenants solace and least mess similar to the segments. An expanded wheelbase improved the general interior space. The new controlling haggle rings, instrumental board, with multi-data LCD display [we have seen it in our BR-V already] is an improvement over the past model.

We can anticipate the same design yet clearly with specific changes relying upon the trim level. Expect an advanced control board for the single zone environment control on top models while the base will have the ordinary handle type controls. Indeed, even in the base structure, it is an improvement over the active model. We ought to expect a twofold commotion 7″ screen head-unit with Bluetooth availability on the upper models, while the base model will get an ordinary radio with a 3″ LCD display with the telephone network. Multi work guiding wheel, 4 or 6 speakers will be accessible also.

As of comfort highlights, power windows with auto entryway lock, power collapsing side view mirrors, keyless passage with press button start, back AC vents, 60;40 split back seats with focal armrest, calfskin or texture seats with driver seat tallness change, voyage control, slant guiding customizable s, front focal armrest, USB ports will be accessible relying upon trim levels. We can expect the vast majority of this component on our impending City. On abroad models, highlights like a sunroof, programmed day-night back see reflect, savvy trunk lock is additionally accessible. I trust we see it on PK Domestic model too however appears to have less likelihood.


As for the motor, the GM6 carryovers the motor from past age for certain enhancements. We ought to anticipate the two motor alternatives. An equivalent and surely understand 1.5L SOHC I-Vtec inline 4 with approx. [email protected] and 145NM of force @4600. I don’t know whether Pakistan amassed will utilize a refreshed 1.5L motor/L15Z which came in GM6 City abroad or will proceed with the current motor/L15A as in fifth-era City.

I was going over public statements of Honda from 2014 and it is referenced that the refreshed motor L15Z utilizes a fumes gas distribution framework and advanced valve timing, twofold needle in addition to and an incorporated plastic complex for improved execution and efficiency. The best news here according to accessible reports is that this motor will be accessible with CVT transmission while a manual with 5 Forward+ 1 Reverse will likewise be a choice.

There had been blended reports in regards to the accessibility of the second motor alternative and 1.5L may be the solitary choice. There is the gossip of second motor arrangement as of 1.2L/L12B which makes around 89HP and 114NM of force. This motor was never offered in this GM6 City abroad however as GM6 is identified with third-era Honda FIT/Jazz and on a similar stage, the 1.2L is a chance. I for one figure the Honda Atlas will carry on with a similar 1.3L/L13 motor which is at present in the City and makes around 98HP and 128NM of force. Again this 1.3L motor was likewise not accessible on the abroad GM6 City however it was there on the comparing Honda Fit/Jazz. Despite 1.2 L or 1.3L, this subsequent motor will likewise be accessible with 5 speed Automatic or manual with 5 Forward+ 1 Reverse will likewise be a choice.

According to unverified news, Honda will offer three variations for a 1.5L motor [ Base 1.5L manual, 1.5L CVT, and 1.5L Aspire CVT ]. Anticipate two variations on a second more modest motor (1.2L or 1.3L) with a manual and a programmed, if Honda Atlas anticipated presenting it.

s of other mechanicals, the suspension is carryover yet with upgrades in suspension calculation and with the adjusted skeleton. The front carries MacPherson Strut Suspension with Stabilizer while high unbending nature H-molded contort pillar on the back. The electric force framework is retuned and basically improved with diminished vibration. Generally, the refreshed suspension, controlling get-together and moreover more inflexible case [ 24% improvement over the fifth era ] result in a significant improvement in ride taking care of, solace, and street elements. As of slowing down, there will be Disk brakes on the front while drums on the back, and there is improvement in the stopping mechanism too for a more straight brake feeling.


As for well-being, the current Honda City can be evaluated on the base in the rundown however now things will change. The impending model uses Honda ACE [Advanced Compatibility Engineering ], which is the brand’s promise of the plan for their vehicles. The impending model will have standard two front airbags. You can expect Vehicle Stability Control and Traction control too. I trust it additionally stays standard across the model setup. Slope start help, ABS with EBD will likewise be important for wellbeing bundle.

For this City Honda has additionally improved the plan of headrests to decrease the effects and help alleviate neck injury. Stopping sensors will likewise be seen and clearly reinforcement camera on the variations which will be furnished with a twofold noise head-unit. In some abroad market, City likewise has side drapery airbags, I question our forthcoming City will have those. By and large, this will be a checked improvement over the active model.

Why GM6/sixth Generation?

Honda’s absolute first mysteries say ” THE WAIT IS OVER”. Indeed the hang tight is going to begin for the fresher seventh era. This is perhaps the most discussed point for longer than a year at this point and since the principal information on the appearance of GM6 City. We can say, Honda Atlas didn’t put their assets back in 2014/15 when this impending City ought to have been dispatched. I trust Atlas never needed to bring the GM6 City in those days in light of the fact that there was no opposition and furthermore the fifth era we presently have since 2009 was at that point selling like hot cake. Alongside all the analysis and slamming, buyers were all the while purchasing the old running suspended model and the model stayed high popular and resale esteem keeps going up.

Toyota Indus was chipping away at fostering the now fruitful Yaris car since 2018/19 and that was the point Honda acknowledged they need to accomplish something however it was at that point late. The GN1/seventh era City is on a whole new stage and does require significant venture and moves up to gathering plant while GM6/sixth era isn’t totally different from the City at present we have similar to the stage, motor, and some different segments. Not just that, GM6 City is likewise actually identified with the BR-V, presently additionally gathered by Honda Atlas and it is on similar engineering.

It’s simpler, speedier, and less expensive to foster the GM6 in light of the fact that the majority of the framework is as of now there just as the parts. The new stage isn’t a Plug-and-Play framework into an existing line. It needs sequential construction system framework change which isn’t modest. Had Atlas changed to GM6 back in 2015/16, It would have been a uber hit and at this point, Atlas would have raised sufficient income to change to the more current seventh-era City.

Changing from the current fifth to the seventh era in 2020 onwards when in general brand deals are on downslide due to the new rivalry naturally turned into an extremely sweeping relational word. The shopper was searching for alternatives and they discovered it and market size for every player began contracting, which implies more rivalry. Moreover the expense of plant update, model advancement clearly expanded as a result of the expansion of Pakistan Rupee and it is an easy decision that the GN1/seventh era improvement would have cost Atlas to an extreme and model price a lot higher than the opposition and probability could contact upper fragment cars like their own Civic.

In nutshell, Atlas needs to supplant the City with a City and go up against Toyota Yaris car as a primary opponent, however, estimating it between 2.5 Million to 3 Million probably won’t be conceivable now with the seventh era. Honda Atlas won’t ever need their City model close to the 1.6L Corolla or the impending 1.6L Elantra to the extent price point and it appears as though it’s beyond the realm of imagination with the fresher GN1/seventh era City remembering the swelling.

Indeed GM6 will be a ceased model, however, it is as yet underway and will stay underway in India close by the new seventh era/GN1. As such, in India, Honda is and will continue offering both the sixth just as the new seventh era. ( In India’s homegrown market, they call the GM6/Grace shape a fourth era while the enhanced one is the fifth era as an extra data). Honda Atlas will keep this data as important. Remember that City is a significant item from Honda in India and the main model as well. Honda Atlas Pakistan can without much of a stretch say ” We/Atlas is bringing a City’s age into Pakistan which is additionally ready to move and creation in one of the biggest markets around there ( India ), So our/Atlas GM6 discharge is as yet applicable and not a suspended model”.

Furthermore; Honda Indonesia is Honda Atlas Principal and Honda Atlas follows Honda Indonesia for their item improvement and the seventh/GN1 Honda City isn’t yet accessible in Indonesia. Honda Indonesia is as yet selling the more seasoned GM6 age. Honda Indonesia as of late began offering the seventh-era City however in hatchback structure. Intriguing certainty is that Honda Indonesia imports GM6 City vehicle for neighborhood market while the new seventh era City began creation in Indonesia as of late. The GM6 isn’t extremely well known in Indonesia and Honda offers it extends one trim and completely stacked. Honda Indonesia liked and created hatchback rather than the GN1. Honda Indonesia will at last foster the GN1 for their market however as of now there is no time period. The hatchback is in fact like the vehicle, just the body style is extraordinary.

Not changing to the GN1/the more current stage on which the new Honda City is based can have further genuine outcomes as it were for Honda Atlas. The up-and-coming age of BR-V [ showing up in Indonesia later this summer] will be founded on a similar stage. Honda Atlas will have another ceased model in their portfolio with the more seasoned age of BR-V. I don’t expect the seventh era Honda City at any point in the near future as Atlas needs to recuperate their profit from interest in GM6 and with extremely solid parts in the market as of now, it will take any longer to accomplish those monetary objectives additionally remembering the tag of “old suspended model”.

There are additionally reports that Honda Atlas may bring the second era HR-V at some point one year from now and by and by a stopped model in light of the fact that abroad a third era is as of late delighted. The second era HR-V which Honda Atlas additionally presented as CBU/Imported units back in 2016 depends on a similar stage as the forthcoming sixth era Honda City. In straightforward words, Honda Atlas had a helpless item arranging with not a single objective to be seen and was simply doing ” KHANNA-POORI” and appears will proceed with a similar pattern.

Estimating and Variants:

Presently in conclusion the price; When City was distant from everyone else in the game, Honda Atlas could price it how they would have preferred BUT no more. The B-Segment is loaded up with Yaris, Alsvin while we can add SAGA as another alternative despite the fact that SAGA isn’t the immediate opponent. Alvin actually needs to substantiate itself being another brand and offering while Yaris have caught the significant market and Toyota Indus in on its toes with the most extreme proficiency to convey Yaris arranges as fast as could really be expected.

As of now, we can say Yaris has a fair fragment restraining infrastructure and if Atlas needs to break that, they should be careful. I can figure that the estimating of the forthcoming Honda City will begin someplace close to 2.5 Million for the base model and can contact 3.1 Million +/ – for the best in class 1.5L Aspire CVT. Remember the active City model beginning at PKR-2.449 Million for base 1.3L manual while best in class 1.5L Aspire is PKR-2.859 Million.

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Plausibility of Just 1.5L

There is likewise a STRONG RUMOR that we may see simply the 1.5L adaptation of the forthcoming Honda City with three variations. A base manual, mid-level CVT, and high-level Aspire CVT. Again no affirmation.

The authority uncovers and booking of the City is fast approaching and inside two or three weeks and conceivably a computerized dispatch. Stay Tuned to PakistanIssues for additional updates in the forthcoming days. In the interim Join PakistanIssues Dedicated Discussion Thread on 2021 GM6 Honda City.


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