The previous prime minister and PML-N pioneer Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Nawaz Sharif met Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s “Request”.

Talking solely on PakistanIssues with Adil Shahzeb on Sunday, Abbasi clarified that Sharif’s meeting was with Mohib as well as that the NSA was essential for a designation from Afghanistan.

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The PML-N pioneer underlined that the meeting was booked approximately five months back when Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had expressed a craving for a meeting between an Afghan appointment and Nawaz Sharif in London. He said the [controversial] statement given by the Afghan NSA was legitimately censured by Pakistan and he got “rebuffed” for his remarks.

Abbasi said Sharif’s point was to “further develop relations” with Afghanistan through the meeting, adding that the Afghan designation, containing diplomats and ministers, and Sharif talked about reciprocal relations finally.

He likewise scattered the impression that the PML-N lost the Azad Jammu and Kashmir general races on July 25 because of Sharif’s meeting with Mohib, as guaranteed by the government.

The meeting between Afghan NSA and previous chief Nawaz Sharif in London last week had caused some serious problems in Pakistan, with the government unequivocally denouncing the PML-N supremo for meeting an “adversary of Pakistan”.

The photos of the meeting were delivered by the NSC Afghanistan on Twitter on July 24. Nawaz’s meeting with “Crude’s (Indian insight organization — Research and Analysis Wing) greatest partner in Afghanistan is an example of this,” Fawad added.

Afghan NSA Remarks on Pakistan

Last month, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had hit out at Mohib for his remarks against Pakistan and approached him to “reflect and address” his conduct. The foreign minister was reacting to remarks made by the Afghan public safety adviser during a visit to Nangarhar province in May, during which he considered Pakistan a “whorehouse house”, as per a Voice of America report.

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