Irate mobs accumulated external Bharia Town Karachi and set the primary entryway ablaze. The protesters didn’t stop there and entered the premises of Bahria Town Karachi and began vandalizing the private properties inside the town.

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The local Administration and Sindh Police were missing from the scene. The irate mob broke into shops, set motorbikes ablaze, and yelled mottos against the Bahria Town’s administration.

It is being accounted for that the Sindh Action Committee has joined the protest, and individuals from abutting towns are additionally joining. This protest is taking the state of a demonstration.

The protesters were seen holding notices, on which against Bahria trademarks were composed. Individuals are showing against the supposed unlawful control of their properties by Bahria Town Karachi. The locals are calling for activity against the private society.

A protest is going on external the fundamental door of the private society. It is being accounted for that an ever-increasing number of individuals are participating from various pieces of Sindh. Ladies and kids are additionally present in the protest.

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