Kashmir Premier League (KPL) has reported the first Edition Players Draft occasion that is booked for July 3, 2021. This draft will include international, public, and arising players who take part in the class from August 6 to August 16, 2021.

In his discourse, Shehryar Afridi, Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, focused on that there is no equivocalness in the KPL dispatch. He additionally stated that both the National Government and the Government of Azad Kashmir have stretched out their full help to the group.

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On Saturday, KPL the executives coordinated a colorful occasion along with visitors of honor, including Mr. Shehriyar Afridi, Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, Mr. Omer Ayub Khan – Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Arif Malik, the President of KPL, Mr. Ch. Shahzad Akhtar, CEO of KPL along with delegates of the establishments.

Tending to the occasion, Federal Minister Omar Ayub Khan said that the Kashmir Premier League will a super occasion for the area. It’s anything but a message to the world about what’s going on in involved Kashmir and what’s going on in Azad Kashmir, then again.

Tending to the occasion, Mr. Shehryar Afridi, Chairman of the Kashmir Committee, said that the government of Pakistan and the government of Azad Kashmir are completely supporting the Kashmir Premier League. There is a chance to carry it to the front. The work to keep up with the KPL has been continuing for over two years.

He said that when the KPL thought came up, we didn’t see which ideological group is in power, we didn’t make it a policy-centered issue. Show your value and ability to the world, as each group will have 2 players of Kashmiri beginning in their XI of play.

He said that KPL will a noteworthy occasion that will alter the bearing of the district as far as the travel industry and financial turn of events. Mr. Arif Malik, President of KPL, said that the objective of the Kashmir Premier League is to bring out youthful abilities. Another picture of Kashmir and Pakistan will depict all throughout the planet.

After KPL, an elite place will build up in Azad Kashmir for players. Competitors will prepare in the High-Performance Center before each KPL season. What’s more, the KPL president edified the occasion with the 13-year contract with the Azad Kashmir government in regards to the Muzaffarabad cricket arena to hold the competition every year.

Mr. Taimoor Khan, Director of Cricket Operations, said foreign players will likewise remember for the KPL drafting. Dilshan, Herschelle Gibbs, Owais Shah, Tenu Best, and Abby Morkel are among the foreign parts in the class.

The establishment got a determination request for the platinum choice through the customary Khel Pagan Puglia. Bagh Stallions first in the new Platinum determination, trailed by Kotli Lines, Muzaffarabad Tiger third, Mirpur Royals fourth, Overseas Warriors fifth, and Rawalkot Hawks Platinum Pick last. The Kashmir Premier League will play in Muzaffarabad from August 4-14, 2021.

KPL 2021 Teams

The six groups in the debut season entitled Rawalakot Hawks, Kotli Panthers, Mirpur Royals, Muzaffarabad Tigers, Overseas Warriors, and Baagh Stallions will play in the Kashmir Premier League that will challenge for a 10-day major cricketing occasion booked from sixth August until sixteenth August 2021 in the core of Kashmir with scenes in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, and Rawalpindi.

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  • Muzaffarabad Tigers
  • Kotli Panthers
  • Rawalkot Hawks
  • Tiger Stallions
  • Overseas Warriors
  • Mirpur Royals

KPL 2021 Players Draft Live Stream

Kashmir Premier League (KPL) first Edition Players Draft occasion to plan for July 3, 2021. The draft will Live Stream On all Digital Platforms Like, YouTube, Facebook, PTV Sports, Geo Super.


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