Kia’s unassuming Picanto city vehicle, in its dowdiest structure, is a decent minimal metropolitan runabout: simple to drive, efficient, and adequately adorable to a subset of society that qualities reasonableness and frugality in equivalent measure.

However, that hasn’t deflected the Korean carmaker from infusing some fun into its littlest and most moderate model. It’s cheap; $19,990 in addition to on-road costs or an exceptionally enticing $20,990 drive-away, regardless of which state or town you live in.

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There isn’t a great deal of adversaries for the Picanto GT. The Volkswagen Polo GTi or the Suzuki Swift Turbo, order a major premium over the Kia. However, they likewise offer more force, more power, and more torque.

All things being equal, the Volkswagen Polo Trendline with a manual gearbox needs for $20,490 drive-away, and keeping in mind that its force and power figures are like the Picanto GT’s, you do pass up the astounding glimmers of style that make the GT a GT.

It’s a comparative story with the Skoda Fabia in 70TSI manual trim priced at $18,490 drive-away with a manual shifter. Yet, again it looks each bit the entry-level hatchback, directly down to its 15-inch steel wheels.

What’s more, that makes the Picanto GT something of an anomaly in the fragment, with lively looks and a presentation bowed that is just hard not to like. To get comparative driver happiness and fulfillment – if not out and out execution numbers – from a likewise estimated city hatchback, you need to spend a lot more than the Picanto GT’s $20,990.

In GT trim, the Picanto is a feisty little city vehicle, with a lot of red glimmers to add a donning vibe. It sits on 16-inch machine-completed combinations shod with 195/45R16 elastic. Our test vehicle was done in Clear White, one of four choices for the GT. It’s likewise the lone ‘free’ tint for the GT. Different alternatives incorporate Astro Gray, Aurora Black Pearl, and Signal Red, all adding $520 to the primary concern.

Regarding alternatives, however, that is it for the Picanto GT. Its gear list is really noteworthy and complete for a vehicle at this price point.

Dark seats with red cowhide complement comfort and amazing looks. The Picanto has a decent high hip-point, as well, making getting in simple. There are more red accents on the cowhide-wrapped directing wheel, all the red proceeding with the race vibe from the GT’s outside. It’s not spent either, and barely enough to cause you to feel like the GT is something somewhat unique.

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Standard-hardware features incorporate an 8.0-inch shading touchscreen with AM/FM radio, albeit no DAB+. There’s Bluetooth streaming, as well, despite the fact that with remote Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on tap, the capacity to take advantage of Bluetooth appears to be practically repetitive.

We experienced no issues with remote CarPlay, the system brisk to boot up inside a second or two of turning on the start. We’ve utilized comparable remote tech in vehicles costing three or four times the amount of the Picanto GT and have encountered niggles.

It’s a lovely essential lodge, yet glossy silk silver completions add some energy. The cooling is of the manual assortment, and there’s no stop/start button, rather the GT expecting you to utilize the key in as our forefathers would have done it.

Composite sports pedals add an indecent touch, and a liberal driver’s hassock is completely positioned for those occasions when you’re not utilizing the third pedal.

A USB point and an independent 12V electrical plug keep gadgets bested up. There are a couple of cupholders forward of the gearstick, just as a little cubby for miscellaneous items forward of that. A smallish focal stockpiling receptacle is topped in delicate material; a pleasant spot to rest your elbow, if that is your twisted.

The subsequent column is shockingly liberal for a little vehicle, with respectable sufficient space behind my 173cm driving position. It’s not the final say regarding solace, but rather nor is it excessively confined. The seats overlap in 60:40 style to let loose boot space, which is evaluated at 255L with the second column being used and 1010L with the subsequent line collapsed away. That is about standard for the classification. A space-saver spare lives under the boot floor.

The Kia Picanto’s genuine party stunt lies under the hat, that characterful and thrummy 1.0-liter (998cc to be exact) in-line turbocharged three-chamber motor just brilliant. With 74kW at 4500rpm and 172Nm from 1500–4000rpm, the Picanto GT isn’t the final say regarding force and speed. It more than compensates for it for a deliberate and drawing in time spent in the driver’s seat.

The Picanto GT is just accessible with a five-speed manual gearbox sending drive to the front wheels. No cutting-edge double grip cars here, basically the ageless and attempted and-tried third pedal wedded to a thickset stuff switch and a fire up upbeat motor.

Kia doesn’t cite a 0–100km/h time for the Picanto GT, and in all honesty, once progressing tuning in to the fires up move inside the 998cc motor, you don’t really mind. Since each and every second is just superb, the GT the sort of vehicle that feels like you’re going immediately, regardless of whether you’re most certainly not.

Cruising through the neighborhood at as far as possible inspires grins like not many vehicles can. The torque band makes it simple to back off and accelerate without changing out of third stuff. All things considered, let the marriage between newton-meters and motor fires up accomplish the work.

There’s good body control, as well, the Picanto staying made much under harder cornering and in spite of its tallish height. The ride, as well, stays unflustered, the GT the recipient of Kia’s nearby suspension tune, while reactions to guiding sources of info are exact.

That are most obvious handling grips second-gear corners where the GT just follows the line as trained. Speed up out of those corners and let the fires up run uninhibitedly prior to getting third.

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Seven days in the Picanto GT returned a showed 6.1L/100km over a sweeping metropolitan pound, a lot of interstate running and some energetic country road undertakings. Kia claims 5.2L/100km on the consolidated cycle, so in general, a not very ratty return.

Notwithstanding a lovely far reaching list of safety incorporations, the Kia Picanto range wears a four-star ANCAP rating granted back in 2017. While grown-up tenant insurance was nice at 87%, it was scored down in youngster tenant assurance (64%) and passerby security (54%).

Its greatest markdown came nearby security helps, where ACNAP scored it just 47%, checking it down for not highlighting any sort of path keeping frameworks or vulnerable side observing.

Not a lot has changed in the interceding four years, the Kia Picanto GT highlighting independent crisis slowing down with forward impact notice as standard, and very little else in the method of cutting-edge security tech. There are back stopping sensors and standard journey control, just as six airbags covering the two lines. The four-star security rating from 2017 persists.

Kia’s industry-driving seven-year/limitless kilometer guarantee keeps on setting the benchmark, and is coordinated with simply by one other standard adversary. Adjusting is normal like clockwork or 10,000km for the Picanto GT, with costs covered over that term.

Booked support more than seven years/70,000km will interfere with you an aggregate of $3112, a normal of around $444 per annum.

The Kia Picanto GT fills in as an update that vehicles can in any case be enjoyable to drive. Because of its smooth manual gearbox and that overflowing with-character triple under the cap, the Picanto GT is a hoot to drive at any speed. That it’s under $21,000 drive-away is only a reward.

If you can move beyond the four-star security rating, the Picanto GT addresses pretty much the best time you can have in a vehicle for the cash. Indeed, there are ‘hotter’ or much ‘more blazing’ brings forth out there.


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