Jazz Net Packages:

Jazz is providing Pakistan’s largest telecommunications service with more than 50 million subscribers. Jazz is the oldest mobile network in Pakistan. With Warid, both companies now operate under the Package Name Mobilink.

The main motive of Jazz is to promote the comfort of customers in all aspects of life with Internet Packages. Their commitment is achieved through programs such as Jazz 4G, Jazz Cash, and Jazz Devices.

Jazz provides uninterrupted connectivity and uninterrupted roaming services to customers in more than 150 countries. In Pakistan alone, it covers more than 10,000 cities.

Weekly Internet Packages for Jazz:

If you get rid of the daily activation process, there are many Internet packages for every week. Enjoy the 3G / 4Gthe weekly Internet package and, there will be no tension throughout the week.

After buying MB at a very affordable price, you can download your favorite songs and other content because you can. Check the below list of weekly internet packages.

Package Name    Weekly Browser

 Charges              Rs. 55

 Code                   *117*3#

 Details                300 MB

Package Name    Weekly Streamer

Charges               Rs. 80

Code                    *117*7#

Details                700 MB

Package Name     Weekly Premium

Charges              Rs. 110

Code                   *117*47#

Details                1500 MB

Package Name     Weekly Mega bundle

Charges                Rs. 160

 Code                   *159#

Details                   3000 MB

Package Name     Weekly Mega Plus

Charges                Rs. 240

Code                   *453#

Details               20000 MB (10000 for 2 am-2 pm) + Jazz Tv

with a weekly bundle, You can upload, browse, and download all over the day. This kit is suitable for mobile phones users compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. 

  • Dial *117*14*2#.
  • To Check Remaining data for weekly mega.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz brings a lot of data. In the monthly Internet Bundles, the users who need a lot of data for browsing and download/upload video audio files.

 You should search for Jazz Monthly net Packages. If you are interested in getting a lot of data, Jazz monthly net packages offer a cheap and reliable user package.

To get a lot of MB, Just subscribe to one of the monthly Internet offers to experience faster internet speeds; subscribe to this offer. Here the list of monthly internet packages.

Package Name       Jazz Monthly Browser

Charges                        Rs. 160

 Code                          *117*77#

Details                         2000 MB

Package Name        Jazz Monthly Streamer   

Charges                 Rs. 250                  

 Code                    *117*31#          

Details                    3000 MB

Package Name     Monthly Premium Bundle

Charges                  Rs. 500             

 Code                     *117*30#        

Details                    7000 MB     

 Package Name                  Monthly Supreme

Charges                            Rs. 800       

 Code                               *117*32#   

Details                             8000 MB                  

   Package Name           Monthly Extreme

 Charges                        Rs. 125

Code                             *117*34#

Details                           5000 MB

  • valid for 30 days
  • Dial *Code*2# to Check Remaining Internet data

Jazz Postpaid Jazz Net Packages

Mobilink offers internet bundles for prepaid also postpaid users. Jazz Postpaid users also got some internet data with their postpaid package.

So, Jazz has limited different net packages for them. These packages are available at a very affordable price. 

Jazz Internet Packages are very affordable compared to all other network companies. Here Check the details of Postpaid net packages:

Package Name          Monthly Streamer

Data                             2GB

Code                          Dial *446#

Charges                     Rs. 250

Package Name          Monthly Premium

Data                           5 GB

Code                          Dial *446#

Charges                    Rs. 500

Package Name          Monthly Supreme

Data                            14 GB

Code                           Dial *446#

Charges                       Rs. 800

Package Name          Monthly Mega

Data                           24 GB

Code                        Dial *446#

 Charges                  Rs. 1200

Package Name          Monthly Ultimate

Data                            55 GB

Code                         Dial *446#

Charges                  Rs. 2200

  •  *Code*2# to Check Remaining Internet data
  •  Valid for 3 Days (From 2 am – 2 pm)

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