Nowadays, the Internet has become the need of each person. However, for a simple person, it is challenging to decide the best 4G internet package. So, Don’t worry! Here already all the jazz Internet packages list for you.

Jazz services are both for prepaid and postpaid users. It offers different packages according to the users’ needs. Moreover, Jazz provides various packages, e.g., Daily, Weekly, and monthly internet jazz packages.

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Jazz, Pakistan’s outstanding digital communications company, is planning different services for everyone. the company is offering new and exciting data offers, from daily bundles to special location-based offers for all types of users at affordable prices. Today, we will see Jazz provide 3G and 4G high-speed Internet by hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages internet packages. So, for normal browsing and social media usage, you can enjoy these net Jazz Packages. And Jazz also offers Social internet bundles. Jazz offers internet Packages at meager rates anyone can enjoy browsing and social media. The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Everyone uses the Internet to chat with their relatives, social networks, email, videos and games, downloading songs, and many other activities.

Jazz considering your internet needs and brings you numerous packages on the Internet. So, here Mobilink Jazz Internet packages are available.

 Hourly Jazz Internet Packages:

  People who want high-speed Internet just for some time Jazz hourly internet packages are helpful for those people. So they can quickly subscribe to Jazz hourly internet packages.

 For one or two hours, it’s a high data volume offer.  

Package Name     Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme 

Charges                Rs. 20

Code                    *846#

Details                 2 GB

is valid for 2 hours (Valid Between 1 am – 6 pm)

*117*24*2# code to Check Remaining data

 Daily Internet Packages for Jazz:

Currently, everyone active on a variety of social platforms. It’s all about sharing current events, upload photos of different moments, and staying connected to others. For your event to go smoothly, Jazz offers some daily internet packages.

Mobilink Jazz gives different types of daily packages; choose any bundle of your choice easily, a daily browser, daily social, and many more. 

Who wants to stay connected with friends on social networks? These offers are for those users. Almost every jazz internet package contains Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter offers. here below the list of daily internet packages 

Package Name       Daily Super

Charges                  Rs. 17

Code                    *212#

Details                  150 Mb + 1440 Jazz Minutes + 50 SMS

Package Name       Daily Day Bundle

Charges                   Rs. 14

Code                       *340#

Details                    20 Mbs + 300 Jazz Minutes + 300 SMS

Package Name Daily Youtube & Social

Charges                    Rs. 15

Code                             *968# ​

Details              1 GB (YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook)

Package Name    Daily Mega

Charges              Rs. 27

Code                   *117*4#

Details                 1 Gb

Package Name    Daily Extreme

Charges               Rs. 15

Code                    *757#

Details                 2 GB (12AM-12PM)

Package Name       Daily WhatsApp Offer

Charges                   Rs. 2

Code                       *311#

Details                      200 Mb

Package Name          Daily WhatsApp & SMS

Charges                        Rs. 8

Code                             *334#

Details                        10 Mb WhatsApp + 1800 SMS

  • This bundle is valid for 1 day.
  • *Code*2# for Checking of Remaining data

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