Enjoy Mobilink Jazz call Packages Daily Weekly Monthly Hourly and postpaid. It also includes 3-day and postpaid Mobilink packages. Now, Jazz and Warid collaborate so these packages are also available for Warid customers. So, today we will show the different packages offered by Jazz in prepaid and postpaid categories.

The requirement for Call bundles can’t be denied because it’s the main requirement to connect with companions, family, and experts. In this way, you can be connected with the people you care about.

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Jazz is growing rapidly and its followers are increasing day by day. This growth makes it the No 1 network of Pakistan. Certainly, Jazz has presented new offers for its clients, offers astounding calls, SMS, and Intenet bundles, and has won their hearts by fulfilling customer’s demands. This is the main motivation behind the ever-growing number of clients of Jazz.

Mobilink Jazz is a telecom company. Which provides services in Pakistan. Serving over 59 million subscribers all over the world, Jazz is Pakistan’s largest mobile operator. Mobilink was a trading name of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL), a mobile operator in Pakistan providing a range of prepaid and postpaid voice and data telecommunication services to both individual and corporate subscribers. It,s head office is in Islamabad, and the current President and CEO are Aamir Ibrahim. The network claims to have been the first GSM-based mobile operator in South Asia.

Jazz offers prepaid and postpaid services to their customers. they have a large no of postpaid packages. Jazz believe in quality rather than quantity. They provide several postpaid call packages for their customers. These call packages are daily, weekly and monthly internet packages prepaid and postpaid. Jazz has many decent packages for its customers on Mobilink as well as Warid.

Latest jazz hourly Bundle 

Jazz offers bundles for all of its customers the most popular call package is the “Jazz student bundle” which is a jazz call package daily for 2 hours. people who prefer Jazz call packages hourly other than daily, weekly, or monthly packages It is the best option for those customers 

Name                                    Charges               Code                           Details

Jazz 12 Ghantay Package     Rs. 6 +Tax          *281#                    250 On-net minutes

 valid for the next 24 hours (Valid Between 12 AM – 12 PM)

Jazz Call package Daily

Jazz has many Jazz call packages for one day for their customers These call packages offer on-net but also Jazz off-net call packages at the lowest prices.

Name                                          Charges                  Code                  Details

Jazz On-Net Day Bundle        Rs. 10*               340#                        Unlimited On-net minutes, 20MBs, 150 SMS

Super Bundle                         Rs. 14                     *212#           250 On-net minutes Jazz+Warid

Jazz Har Din Bundle            Rs. 22                     *114*4#                 500 On-net minutes

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

 Jazz offers weekly call packages for such clients who love to stay connected with their friends and family for longer hours. It is similarly gainful for understudies who need to have long discourses concerning assignments and tasks with Jazz call Packages.

Presently, these in-spending call bundles bring more minutes and you can talk for a long time without being stressed over your low parity. These bundles are splendidly appropriate for clients who would prefer not to avoid their friends and family. Here are the bundles.

Name                                    Charges              Code                           Details

Haftawar Hybrid Package     Rs. 75            *407#            700 On-Net mints, 70 MBs, 700 Sms

All Network Package             Rs. 120        *700#           700 On-Net, 50 Off-Net Mints, 700 SMS, 250MB

Weekly Super Duper Offer    Rs.150         *770#                   1000 On-Net, 25 Off-Net Mints, 1000 SMS+1GB

Jazz Call package 3 Days

If you are traveling and want a call package for 3 days, You just have to subscribe at once and you can enjoy free mints for consecutive 3 days.

Name                                                      Charges                       Code                  Details

(MB)RemainingsJazz 3 Day Bundle    Rs. 36       *211#                           500 Free On-Net Minutes*Code*2#

Jazz Call package Monthly or Jazz Super Bundles

Jazz Monthly call packages are the best for one time offer. You just have to subscribe and spent once and you can enjoy it for the whole month. Jazz Monthly call packages not just provide on-net mints but also other incentives in terms of off-net mints and internet data. These are also known as Jazz Super Bundles. We are going to enlist all Jazz Monthly call packages in 2020.

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Name                                 Charges          Code            Details

Monthly Hybrid Bundle    Rs. 370          *430#          6000 On-Net Mints+6000 SMS + 600MB

Monthly All Rounder Package   Rs. 499     *2000#      200 Off-Net Mints + 200 SMS + 5GB

Super-Duper Monthly Package   Rs. 499    *706#         1500 On-Net, 1000 Off-Net, 1500 SMS, 2GB

Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer      Rs. 625      *707#        2000 On-Net, 200 Off-Net, 2000 SMS, 4GB


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