Following seven days of a dissent demonstration outside the Janikhel police headquarters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Bannu area, nearby tribesmen and family members of four young men whose shot-baffled bodies were discovered a week ago started a dissent walk towards Islamabad on Sunday.

The tribesmen and family members have been fighting the merciless killing of the four young men — matured between 13 to 17 years — whose bodies were found in a field on Sunday, throughout the previous six days. The young men had disappeared three weeks prior.

The casualties were distinguished as Ahmadullah, Mohammad Rahim, Razamullah, and Atifullah. On Sunday around 10am, around 10,000 individuals from the Janikhel zone of Bannu lining South Waziristan began a long walk to Islamabad alongside the assemblages of the killed young men, requesting activity against hostile to state components.

Police hindered the street in Bannu and prevented the nonconformists from walking for a few hours before they were permitted to continue on their way. The circumstance turned tense when the dissenters attempted to cross bars to enter Bannu city, with police terminating poisonous gas at them and falling back on ethereal terminating. Accordingly, the dissenters pelted stones at the police and figured out how to eliminate the blockades.

A video showed the dissenters raising the mottos of “What do we want? Peace!”, “We want justice!” and “negligent state!”. “In the start, the march was smooth and peaceful,” Lateef Wazir, an inhabitant of Janikhel taking a part in the walk told, adding that after arriving at Toche Pull, they confronted a barricade and obstruction from the organization and police.

He claimed that police halted the nonconformists persuasively and utilized poisonous gas to scatter them, saying an enormous number of cops had been sent to stop the walk. Wazir said they were protesting calmly and requesting the govt to make a move and uncover the components behind the murdering of the four young men.

“Disappointed with the provincial government, the elders of Janikhel decided to march to Islamabad and agreed to not bury the bodies till the arrest of the killers,” he told

Subsequent to keeping the street impeded for a few hours, police permitted the walk to keep, as indicated by Wazir. Then again, police in Karak locale took Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) pioneer and ancestral MNA Mohsin Dawar into custody to keep him from venturing out to Bannu to join and lead the walk. PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen was likewise arrested in Kohat, as per PTM sources.

In the meantime, KP social government assistance serve Hisham Inamullah Khan alongside certain older folks of the Marwat clan arrived at Bannu as a jirga to hold converses with the nonconformists.

He told heads of the dissent that the clans of Marwat and Bannu had charitable ties and the previous common the anguish of the neighborhood occupants over the young men’s executing.

The minister asked the dissidents to cover the bodies, saying he would pass on their “genuine requests” to the CM and Prime Minister Imran Khan. As an offer of generosity and as per local custom, Khan additionally forfeited three sheep, which the dissent coordinators acknowledged.

There was no prompt consequence of the arrangements, with the dissent leaders looking for time to counsel the Janikhel clan. KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan arrived at Bannu in the early evening and was relied upon to meet the Janikhel seniors to determine the circumstance.

Prior, the dissidents had set the four bodies outside the local police headquarters, requesting a shuhada package for the casualties’ families, dealing with culprits of the crime, and finding ways to reestablish harmony and agreement in the district.

A relative of the young men had disclosed to PakistanIssues that the groups of the perished had no hostility with anybody. Political and social activists, representatives of traders, and individuals from various different backgrounds likewise took part in the dissent to show fortitude with the deprived families.

Provincial Minister for Transport Malik Shah Mohammad Khan and local administration authorities failed to persuade the nonconformists to cancel the demonstration. A day sooner, a delegation of religious scholars likewise arrived at Janikhel and held talks with the dissidents, featuring the significance of quick entombment of the dead considering the lessons of Islam.


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