Twitter Blue allows you to pay a monthly subscription to remove the worst of its annoyances—but so far, only in Canada and Australia.

The $2.99 (USD equivalent) subscription adds a reader mode, lets you undo tweets, and adds bookmark folders for establishing protected Tweets. But does anybody wish these features? Shouldn’t they be built in? And who will pay?

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Who Wishes for This?

Twitter says it has created Twitter Blue for power users. This first iteration, which is being trailed in Canada and Australia to “gain a deeper understanding” of how the new details might work, is pretty restricted. You get a 30-second window to undo a tweet, as well as folders for bookmark association and a reader mode. 

Arguably, these are reasonable details that should be built-in for everyone, and maybe they will be, ultimately. Twitter’s explanation of the reader mode is worth speaking of because it hurls the whole messy, algorithmically scarred Twitter experience under the bus in just one sentence. “Reader Mode furnishes a more beautiful study experience by getting rid of the noise,” says the blog post.

These first “power user” details don’t look compelling to formal individuals, even those who use the heck out of Twitter. But marketers might respect them.

“With meme attention taking off, businesses and users with big followings find it important.

This is approximately like using Twitter as an equivalent to email support, and as soon as you hear it illustrated, it gives rise to perfect sense. 

What’s in It for Twitter?

The most noticeable benefit for Twitter is the subscription fee, but probably more significant in the long term is locking users in. Right now, Twitter is barely a way to share stuff and to talk about them. Individuals and corporations might utilize these characteristics for all kinds of other purposes, but those are MacGyvered together on top of this basic design. 

If Twitter can turn itself into an important business tool, rather than just a disturbing place that businesses are compelled to hang out, then the service comes to be way more useful. And if it assembles tools that let industries expand their own abilities on top, then the lock-in will be detailed.

“The first subscribers of Twitter Blue will be social media marketers and agencies that manage accounts of people that are influential.”

At the same time, Twitter Blue is a direction to examine with a very involved set of users before rolling out to the masses.

“The platform likes to experiment with different revenue streams and specify what works best,” says Chen. “Apart from money, they could be doing this to better comprehend the portions that value Twitter most, and try to diversify the platform more to their desires and needs; an experiment of sorts.”

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