Interior Minister Sheik Rashid on Sunday said that the taxi drivers who drove the little girl of Afghan representative before her short snatching in Islamabad on Friday have been interrogated and a first information report has been enrolled.

He said the interviews of the threesome of taxi drivers whose cars the representative’s little girl had sat in have been recorded. Rashid said the principal driver had driven the emissary’s little girl to Khadda Market, a second had then determined her to Rawalpindi, and a third had driven her from Daman-I-Koh.

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The interior minister said that recording of her outing from Rawalpindi to Daman-I-Koh was absent and the matter was being scrutinized. He said the “puzzle” would be settled by the evening and all parts of the case would be uncovered.

Representative Najibullah Alikhil’s girl, Silsila Alikhil, was abducted on Friday from the federal capital’s business center point by unidentified people, who likewise exposed her to torment.

She was getting back in the early evening in a taxi subsequent to visiting a bread shop in Islamabad’s Blue Area when the driver got another man, who loudly mishandled and attacked her. She was subsequently dropped in an oblivious condition by the taxi driver on a side of the road. Rashid said the Afghan consulate was additionally in contact and coordinating in the examination, which he said would be finished “possibly tomorrow or the day after “.

He said the Islamabad police, examination offices, and the Foreign Office were dealing with the situation, adding that it was their “first concern” according to the prime minister’s mandates to settle the case and capture the offenders as quickly as time permits.

Concerning examination in the Dasu transport misfortune, which on Wednesday ended the existence of 13 individuals, including nine Chinese, Rashid said the Ministry of Interior was facilitating the 15 Chinese authorities, who visited Dasu yesterday (July 17) and were added to the joint examination group.

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He additionally said that regardless of opposite reports, work at the Dasu hydropower project was proceeding, will proceed and no obstructions will be permitted in the method of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects.


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