Executive Imran Khan said Wednesday that Afghanistan was in the present circumstance due to Washington’s tactical disappointment in the country.

In a meeting with PBS NewsHour, have Judy Woodruff, asked PM Imran Khan various inquiries about Pakistan’s perspective for Afghanistan and its relationship with the United States.

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At the point when she got some information about his evaluation of the circumstance in Afghanistan, he said that Washington had truly wrecked the circumstance in Afghanistan.

PM Imran likewise shared that regardless of the US being in Afghanistan for a very long time, he doesn’t have a clue what the US objective was in the country.

He additionally mourned the manner in which the US managed this arrangement. The PM clarified that when the NATO powers had concluded that there was no tactical arrangement, the dealing power they had was gone.

The anchor likewise got some information about cases of Taliban asylums being available in Pakistan and a report of around 10,000 contenders crossing the boundary to help the gathering in Afghanistan.

To the inquiry concerning the places of refuge, PM Imran pondered where the safe-havens are situated in Pakistan.

The head clarified that Pakistan is facilitating 3,000,000 displaced people who are Pashtuns, a similar ethnic gathering as the Taliban. He added that there are camps of 500,000 and 100,000 individuals or more.

The host had tossed this inquiry to development on Washington and other organizations cases that Pakistan has helped the Afghan Taliban.

The PM had told the host that the claims were unreasonable and revealed to her the historical backdrop of the contention. He clarified that Pakistan steered clear of the September 11, 2001 fear monger assault in New York.

The head said that Al Qaeda was situated in Afghanistan and no Pakistani was associated with the assault.

The host had likewise gotten some information about Pakistan’s acceptable and awful results for the Afghanistan struggle.

PM Imran told the host that the great result for Islamabad would be if a comprehensive government with all groups, including the Taliban, is framed in Afghanistan. He added that the most noticeably awful circumstance for Pakistan would be an “extended common conflict” in Afghanistan.

In such a situation, the PM said Islamabad would deal with two issues, right off the bat, of exiles, and besides, the nation fears that Pashtuns inside Pakistan would be attracted to the contention.

The PM likewise shared that having a US military presence in Pakistan would make the country an objective.

He revealed to Woodruff that when Pakistan joined the conflict on fear it lost 70,000 individuals and was very nearly liquidated.

The head said that Pakistan needs to join forces with the US in harmony, however not in struggle. He added that the last connection between Islamabad and Washington was value-based.

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PM Imran told the host that Pakistan can’t do a lot if the Taliban assume control over Afghanistan as the tactical arrangement has effectively fizzled.

The chief rehashed that the most ideal decision that everybody has is that in some way or another a political settlement arises in Afghanistan. He added that the Taliban plunking down with the Ashraf Ghani government to shape a comprehensive government was the most ideal decision.


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