Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday coordinated Interior Minister Sheik Rashid Ahmed to use all assets to capture the offenders engaged with the impermanent “hijacking” of the Afghan emissary’s little girl in Islamabad.

Diplomat Najibullah Alikhil’s little girl, Silsila, was snatched from the federal capital’s business center point by unidentified people on Friday who likewise exposed her to torment. Responding to the episode, the Foreign Office (FO) on Saturday said law requirement offices were following the guilty parties behind the “mistreating” of the Afghan agent’s girl.

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Prior, in a series of tweets, Interior Minister Sheik Rashid said Prime Minister Khan had requested that he direct Islamabad police and other law implementation organizations explore the episode on “main concern” and secure the offenders within 48 hours.

As per APP, the interior minister had later told a private news channel that the ruffians would be captured soon. He said the law authorization offices had tracked down the second taxi driver who had dropped her.

Then again, the Foreign Office said law implementation organizations were following the offenders behind the “mauling” of Mr. Alikhil’s girl in the federal capital. Silsila Alikhil, 27, was getting back on Friday evening in a taxi subsequent to visiting a pastry kitchen in Blue Area when the driver got another man, who obnoxiously manhandled and attacked her.

Silsila was subsequently dropped by the taxi driver oblivious on a side of the road. Her clinical report affirmed that she had been actually attacked. Then again, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), in a statement gave from Kabul, said Silsila Alikhil was “stole” and “seriously tormented” by unidentified people.

The Afghan MoFA censured, what it’s anything but, a “grievous demonstration” and expressed its “profound worry” over the wellbeing and security of negotiators, their families, and staff individuals from the Afghan political missions in Pakistan.

It encouraged Pakistan to take “immediate essential activities” forgiving “full security” to Afghan international safe haven and departments just as their ambassadors, staff members, and their families.

Kabul likewise requested that Pakistani authorities distinguish and indict the culprits at the soonest. In the meantime, authorities of the capital police told PakistanIssues, in a state of obscurity, that Silsila had gone to a shop in Blue Area. As she took a taxi back home at around 2:30 pm, an unidentified man got into the vehicle. At the point when she dissented, the man began hitting her because of which she feels oblivious and was subsequently dropped at the side of the road.

As indicated by the authorities, the harmed lady arrived at a private emergency clinic where the staff educated the police who then, at that point took her to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) for clinical examination.

On getting information, Kohsar police looked through the area around Blue Area and F-7 where the episode occurred, the authorities said, adding that a group had been comprised to examine CCTV film of Safe City.

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Another police group was likewise assembling details through human insight and geo-fencing of the two areas was additionally being directed. The police authorities said so far, no proper protest had been held up about the occurrence; in any case, they had been educated that it would be recorded by means of the Foreign Office. As per sources in Pims, the police carried the lady to Pims at around 9:08 pm. Her clinical examination recommended that she had been actually attacked.


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