Following are three ways a user can register the device.

Method 1: Via SMS by sending the IMEI number to 8484

When you send the message to 8484 you will receive one of the following messages:

·     IMEI is compliant Device IMEI is Valid. Insert Sim and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before date for date for auto registration.


Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please insert all your SIMs in this device and use them before the given date to continue using this device.

·     Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen.

Method 2: Through PTA website

The smartphones that are not in Pakistan through proper channels or not approved by  PTA so get blocked after some time of usage , this is due to the fact that PTA has already advised registering the mobile phones that are not registered with PTA in order to avoid blockage.

The reason for registration is to keep  track of the mobile devices that are imported from a proper channel and not smuggled into Pakistan and collect relevant taxes for the devices. If you have purchased a new mobile phone from Pakistan they should have a stamp on them approved by PTA, however , problems can arise when you have purchased a used mobile phone or you have carried a mobile phone with you while traveling from abroad.

After reaching your home country it is important to get your mobile phone registered with PTA otherwise your phone would be blocked after some time and you would not be able to use any sim card or carrier in Pakistan without registration.

PTA allows registering one device free of cost if you are carrying more than one device with you from abroad. However , you should have to register other devices and also pay relevant tax for that device in order to use it in Pakistan for a long time.

Steps To Follow If Your Phone is Blocked By PTA

1.          Sign up

                I.            The very first step to unblock mobile from PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is to register yourself with PTA. You need to sign up by visiting their website. The link to make personal account with PTA is given below

            II.            So then, if you visit this page, a window will appear and ask you to login. Because you have not registered yourself with PTA, thus you need to make an account first. Furthermore, click on signup.

        III.            For instance, in signing up, the window will show you two categories: User and purpose.

       IV.            Subsequently, in the category of Purpose, choose “personal/individual”.

           V.            And in user category select Pakistani.

       VI.            Accordingly, the remaining signup is quite simple. Fill all personal information and submit the form.

   VII.            To confirm your email addresses, you will receive a confirmation Email from PTA. Afterward, in the meantime, open a new window in your browser, and sign in to your Email account. Check the inbox, you will find an Email from PTA. Click on the given link. A new Login window will appear where you can put our login information to unblock your device.

Fill in the important details including your Name, Surname, City, Phone number, email, address, CNIC, Passport number, password to log in, and do not forget this password at all.

2.  Login and Submit

                                        i.            Here, you have made your account to unblock the device from PTA. You have signed in. Right after signing in, read the declaration form. It will assist you to understand the terms and conditions.

                                     ii.            Once you have read the declaration, click on register my device.

                                 iii.            There will be an option “User Type

                                 iv.            Click on “mobile registration to pay duty tax”

                                     v.            You will write contact information like phone number

                                 vi.            Choose the type of SIM

                              vii.            Write the IMEI no of your mobile phone carefully to unblock the mobile from PTA. Now submit the form.

You will also add 2 IMEI numbers. IMEI number is the 15-digit unique (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number which can be found on from the phone box or you can take the help of a local mobile shop. After entering all the details you will submit the form.

3.            Wait And Pay The Taxes

After submitting the form the window will display the information for your device, you will also get SMS on your phone in which you will have your PSID (Public Safety Identification) number and CoC (Certificate of Compliance) ID, you will also get these details in your email address. The amount to pay for your device would also be mentioned in the details.

You will receive a message as given below;

Now you have to pay the taxes against your PSID, you can pay the tax in major banks including National bank, MCB, Allied Bank and others. You can also pay the taxes via ATM or online banking against your PSID number.

Once you pay the tax, you will receive the message via SMS that your device is PTA approved but you can use your sim card in that device after 24 Hours or 48 Hours. And you can continue using your device.

How much Tax To Pay

PTA and FBR ( Federal Board of Revenue) both have advised the tax structure that you can find on their websites, the following image will show the price in dollars and the applicable tax in PKR. The tax ratio is different and varies from phone to phone. Beware that the tax calculation is carried out on the current price of the device, so it is better to bring new phones with you from abroad rather than used devices because you will have to pay the tax according to the current device price.

Method 3: PTA mobile Application

·     Download PTA app from Play Store by clicking the following link


Install the App on your device, Open the App once installed and then follow the simple instructions to enter your IMEI Number.

PTA, for the understanding of users, has explained the next steps to be taken in case your IMEI number is not valid.


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