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The @ Reply confuses many people when they first start using Twitter, especially because it’s hard to keep straight who can see a reply and where it appears.

What Is a Twitter Reply/Answer Back

A Twitter Reply is a tweet sent in straightforward acknowledgment to another tweet. It’s not exactly as mailing somebody a tweet. Here’s how to answer back to a Tweet:

  • Steer to the tweet you prefer to answer back to and elect the Reply button underneath (it looks like a chat bubble).

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  • A recent message window comes off. Type your reply into the box.
  • Select Reply to send.

Your message automatically links to the tweet you acknowledged to, so when anyone else examines your tweet, they can improve the cord and see the original message.

Who Sees Each Twitter @ Reply/Answer Back

Not everyone will see the @ Reply message you sent, probably not even the person to whom you transmitted it.

The person you’re answering back to must follow you before your response shows in their homepage tweet timeline. If they don’t follow you, it only comes out in their Announcements tab, a personal page every Twitter user has that contains Tweets that refer to their username or handle. Not everyone surveys the Mentions tab regularly, though, so these messages are easy to miss.

The same goes for Twitter answers that might be overseen by you. If another user replies to one of your tweets, their @ Reply message only arises on your home page tweet timeline if you follow that sender. If not, it only emerges on your Notifications page.

The @ Reply tweet is unrestricted and other Twitter stoners can notice it if they tour the profile page of the sender and esteem their tweets after it was sent.

As for your followers, your @ Reply message only comes in their tweet timelines if they follow the person to whom you mailed the reply. If they follow you but don’t follow the person you answered back to, they won’t see your answer tweet.

That’s not comprehended by many people because it’s not the direction Twitter ordinarily acts. Your followers usually notice all your tweets. So, when you mail a public tweet by communing the Twitter reply button, your followers won’t see it unless they also follow the person whose tweet you answered back to. It’s one reason why some people get disheartened with the nuances of Twitter.

Your followers will see that reply in their timelines. You can nonetheless use the Twitter reply button, just be sure to position a period in front of the @username.

  • Additional way to publicly share a reply is to not reply but Quote Tweet someone else’s Tweet. That means retweeting a tweet but encompassing your comment in it.

When to Use Twitter @ Reply/Answer Back

It’s a promising impression to be cautious in your use of the Twitter @ Reply button. When you possess a direct discussion with someone, be confident your tweets are interesting before you send a bombardment of Twitter replies. While your Twitter @ Reply message may be suggested for the person you’re acknowledging to, it appears in the timeline of your common followers.

So, if you mail three or four replies in a short period of time, and some of them are insignificant, that might be disturbing for other people who may not be concerned about your humor or small talk.

  • The best spot for particular Twitter fun is the Twitter DM or direct message channel. Messages sent utilizing the Twitter direct message button are private, viewable barely by the recipient.

Bringing a Wider Audience for Twitter Replies

Alternatively, if you expect more people to see your responses, send a formal tweet and encompass the username of the person you’re aiming your statement at, but don’t put it at the inception of the tweet.

Twitter replies constantly initiate with the @username of the person you’re answering back to, so this isn’t an official Twitter acknowledgment. But if you expect to earn the attention of a user and acknowledge something they said, it accomplishes that while also being viewable by your followers.

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There’s no shortage to stick a period in a cloak of the username to make this kind of tweet viewable by your supporters because it’s not technically a Twitter reply.


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