Quality video content production is important for YouTubers. It depends on whether you are just an amateur shutterbug or a pro photographer. Your YouTube channel requires creative content. Almost 10 years ago, the quality of phones was violent. So a filmmaker wouldn’t dream of shooting a movie on a cell phone.

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What makes the video Awesome

If you improve your video capturing habits, you might wonder about your up-and-coming YouTube uploads. In a good video, technical excellence can be pretty easy to detect.

Following are the few things that you can use while recording with a smartphone.

  • Composition

Compose the elements in a sequence or scene deliberately to create a captivating video. On people’s eyes, focus your camera lens. Like a fine-art painter, use your phone’s LCD.

  • Lighting

Proper lighting is necessary to record a scene that your mind wants to see. It draws attention, appeals to the soul, and evokes emotion. When you stare at yourself in a mirror without lights, you don’t find anything interesting.

Be aware of where your main light source is and experiment with light.

  • Point Of View

Question yourself, where am I focusing my camera lens, and from what angle?

Some videos use a very subjective point of view to connect to the viewers and these are like selfies. You might want the less personal, more detached point of view for other videos. Get right down on the floor to shoot when shooting small children or babies.

  • Start with a Right Setting

Set up your phone properly before taking video on it. Video resolution is an important setting, which tells the length of your video. 1080 HD and 4K are the two common resolutions.

Check the frame rate which sets your video is recorded by how many people. The settings are 30 fps, 60 fps, and less commonly 24fps. The smoother-looking video you’ll produce when the number of fps is higher. This rule is not hard but cleans your lens.

Clean your lens carefully with microfiber cloth.

Avoid Compromising On video Quality

It is not the habitual experience to shoot videos with a smartphone. You have to give the device multipurpose characteristics.

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Following are the tips to get better results:

  1. Orientation: Horizontally orient your phone. Avoid portrait or vertically oriented footage.
  2. Avoid Back Lighting: You require the light source more behind you and to the side of you. Don’t have a light source or window behind your subject because he or she will look distinct. 
  3. Use both hands: By using two hands, it produces even stable footage. Optical image stabilization is built-in Phone lenses, so they are stable.  
  4. Lock Focus and Exposure: Focus elements by tapping on your phone’s LCD. Always know your camera settings because most phones manually adjust the exposure or let you lock. Your phone’s camera will hunt for focus in low light and makes it look less professional.
  5. Improve Your Audio: For powerful videos, good quality audio is essential. Now, smartphones or microphones have been improved. Audio accessories such as Bluetooth microphones make the audio sound outstanding in your video project.  

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