1. Moong Daal Flour                   2 Cups
  2. Maash Daal Flour                   1 Cup
  3. Soda                                      ½ tbsp
  4. Oil
  5. Water
  6. Yogurt                                   2 Cup
  7. Sugar                                    1 Cup
  8. Salt

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  1. Add moong daal ,mash daal flour, ceerim seed

salt and water in a bowl.

  • All ingredients are mix in soda.
  • By pouring the batter in small pockets, it can be

deep fried.

  • Add fired phulikyaa in a bowl of hot water and

place them for 10mintues.

  • Remove the phulikyaa from water and also remove

the excess water.

  • Add yougrt, salt, sugar and water in a bowl and mix


  • Ingredients mixed with the phulikyaa.
  • Hopefully, you enjoy our recipe.

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