This article clarifies how to live stream on Twitter employing the iOS and Android versions of the Twitter app. Your followers and the general public can watch your broadcast both while it’s in headway and subsequently via an on-demand Twitter tape. Comparable to live streaming on Instagram, Twitter stoners can interact with live streams via typing a message in the chat or by employing a heart emoji.

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How to Begin a Broadcast on Twitter

You can initiate a live broadcast from within the official Twitter app for iOS and Android gadgets. A cellular or Wi-Fi signal is instructed and your account must be common. If your Twitter account is set to protect, you will not be eligible to live stream.

If you possess a lock icon next to your username, go to Settings and privacy > privacy and safety within the Twitter app and alter your account to the public by disabling the Protect your tweets switch.

  1. Unlock the Twitter app on your iOS or Android gadget and tap compose (the quill and plus sign).
  2. Thump the camera icon, then tap Live.
  3. You will require to permit Twitter access to employ your device’s camera and microphone to continue.
  4. Tap Add location and appoint your selected location for the Twitter live stream.
  5. This location data is employed to make your broadcast more discoverable by users in the Twitter and Periscope apps.
  6. Tap What’s happening? and type the text you wish to go along with your live stream. This could be the title of your broadcast or a casual message to your followers motivating them to tune in.
  7. Expanding keywords and hashtags to your explanation will assist your tweet show up in Twitter searches.

  1. Tap Go Live to instantly begin your Twitter live stream.
  2. While streaming on Twitter, you can employ the three buttons in the upper-right nook to turn your flash on or off, upheaval cameras, and mute or unmute your microphone, respectively. You can furthermore tap the icons in the lower-right corner to detect who your viewers are.

  1. When you’re willing to finish your live stream on Twitter, tap Stop in the upper-left intersection.
  2. A confirmation option will pop up. Tap Stop Broadcast to confirm the end of your live stream or Cancel to continue streaming.

What Goes on to Past Twitter Live Streams?

When you complete broadcasting with the Twitter app, a recording of your live stream keeps to Twitter and becomes accessible to rewatch on-demand from within the preliminary stream’s tweet.

You can edit a recorded live stream by tapping the video within the tweet and then tapping Edit Broadcast.

Once you’ve prepared all of your adjustments, tap Save Changes to lock them in. Differences made to a recorded Twitter live stream can take around 15 minutes to multiply across the social network.

  • To delete a previous Twitter live stream, all you require to do is delete the tweet that comprises the video. This will delete the video on both Twitter and Periscope. Canceling a preceding live stream from within the Periscope app will not delete it on Twitter.

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The Twitter live stream segment is powered by Periscope, distinct assistance that’s committed purely to broadcasting video.


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