YouTube is one of the most popular websites that has the biggest library of songs. When you want to add tracks on the background of your YouTube video content via commercial music, you need to take permission from the track owner. If you didn’t take the permission of the track owner, your video content might violate U.S copyright law.

Copyright violations are very common on the Internet. Many YouTubers upload copyrighted music in their videos and frequently don’t realize the consequences.

YouTube has strict rules about Copyright if you unfollow these rules server can take your video down or even suspend your account for copyright infringement. Therefore, exercise caution when using music in your YouTube videos.

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You can use copyrighted music on YouTube legally by just follow simple steps.

Open YouTube:

Open YouTube on the web Brower.

Click your Profile icon:

Once you logged in to your YouTube account, then go to the profile icon. It is like a circle with your image located at the top right corner of the page.

Click YouTube Studio:

If you click on the profile icon, you will see a drop-down menu appear where you need to go down and press the YouTube Studio.

Select Audio Library:

Once you click on the YouTube studio, you will find a menu to the right side of the other feature option; you need to scroll down and select the Audio Library option.

Select the free music tab:

Once you selected the Audio Library, you will move to the new page where you need to press the free music tab.

Here, you will see a list of various types of music below the free music tab.

Scroll down the menu list and select any of the free music from the list to listen to and examine the restriction of the song. You will find most of the song is free from any restrictions; you can undoubtedly use it in your video content. But in some cases, only you are allowed to use these contents in your videos. Still, you need to follow some instructions described in the song. For example, if you are going to utilize any song in your video content, you must obtain a permit from the music composer and credit him/her in your video content description box. If you want to include any song in your video, then you need to click on the download option (shown by the downward arrow) located next to the song title.

Here, you are free to access any song and filter by various options like genre, mood, instrument, duration, Attribution this option is located next to the track.

How can I legally use copyrighted music on YouTube video?

Mostly YouTubers didn’t write the songs, so they can’t claim ownership of them. If you want to legally use copyrighted music on YouTube, so you need to get approval from the original creator in order to use it. That’s the second side of music licensing. 

Copyright law makes sure that creators get paid when people use their work. The two halves of YouTube’s system work together, policing video uploads for copyright infringement and providing a place for creators to submit their own copyright claims.

On one hand, that makes it easier for you. The rules are built into YouTube as a platform, so once you understand the rules, you’ll have the tools to follow them.

But on other hand is that YouTube is very quick to respond to you if you make a mistake. So if you don’t legally use copyrighted music on YouTube, the system might take down your content or the server may block your channel.

Steps to license a song:

Artists put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating a song. During the recording of a song, they invest a lot of money. And then legal teams have to protect that song from copyright issues. So, if you want to legally use copyrighted music on YouTube, you’ll need permission from everyone who is a copyright holder for that specific song.

Getting a license for a song means you’ll have to reach out to each person on that “copyright holder” list. Then after negotiation, you can sign licensing agreement for the project and decide on a price. In return, you can offer royalty payments, which means sending a fraction of your project’s revenue to the copyright holders.

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The music licensing process can take a few weeks or a few months, and it’ll run you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple thousand (depending on how popular the song is). 

The best way to avoid copyright issues is to create original content. Nonetheless, be very aware of the ways to legally use copyrighted music on YouTube. Follow the above tips to avoid getting penalized for copyright infringement.


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