Pakistan Army is the strength of Pakistan and a mission in the Pak Army is supposed a dream come credible for those who love Pakistan. Every person who enters the PAK army feels dignified. They encourage the nation, the people of the world in every difficult circumstance. There are shinning business and career reliefs for youths in Pakistan Army. They can assist in Pak Army from various standpoints because there is much employment for men and women in Pakistan’s armed forces. A huge amount of learners apply for the Pakistan army. There is improvement and increment, stimulated through a definitive procedure of rules and regulation, a standardized system of Officers are Pakistan Army is not a profession but a way of being. It is for those who want administration abilities and who have the dare to join it. The army gives you chance to defend and serve the birthplace as no one can do. Armed Forces are an excellent instance of Quaid’s adage

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Unity, Faith and Discipline”

Here are bestowed fragments about entering Pakistan Army after intermediate.

  1. Type of Commission: AFNS – BSc
  2.  Attending Age: 17-25 years
  3.  Qualification to join the army after FSC: Matric with Science – 60% Marks FSc (Pre-medical) – 50% Marks Minimum
  4. Marital Status to join the army: Female single / widow / separated divorcee without limitations.
  5. Instructing period to join the army:
  6. years BSc Nursing Training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi, after training, shall be awarded Commission in the significance of Lieutenant.
  7. Category of Commission: Regular Commission,/PMA Long Course
  8.  Age: 17 to 22 years
  9. Qualification: Intermediate or equivalent
  10. Marital Status: Unmarried female is required
  11. (Married female if she is serving faculty of the Armed Forces over 20 years of interval stand eligible).
  12. Type of Commission: Regular Commission- Technical Cadet Course
  13.  Age: 17 to 22 years Unmarried
  14.  Male Qualification: FSc (Pre Engineering) Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry / Computer Studies / Computer Science with minimum 65% totals or ‘O’ level approved (English standing compulsory)
  15. Training: A candidate is instructed to conduct one-year martial practice at PMA Kakul, after attaining a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Degree.
  16. Army Commission for engaging army: Army Medical College MBBS/ BDS
  17. Age to join the army: 17-21 years
  18. Marital Status to join the army:  should be Single Male
  19.  Qualification to join the army: FSc (Pre-medical) with minimum 70% marks or “A” level approved in Biology, Physics and Chemistry with lowest grade C.
  20. Training: After finalizing 4 to 5 years of examination, 22 x Weeks Basic Military Training (BMT) at PMA Kakul after fulfillment of final professional examination.
  21. Army Commission: Soldiers
  22. Age: 17 to 23
  23. Matrimonial Status: Unmarried Male

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