When the internet is running slow, it causes irritation to the users. When your internet is slow, you have to speed up your connection. If you don’t know how to speed up your internet connection, follow these some points.

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Following are the steps which are used how to fix your slow internet connection:

  • Sometimes the internet connection is slow because you are using a cheap internet plan. Log in to your IPW (internet provider website) and check all the details about your plan. When you know what plan you are using, you can measure your internet speed by visiting the speed test or Fast.com website or their mobile app. When you have measured that it is due to the cheap internet plan you are using, then there is not any network problem. You need to upgrade your previous internet connection to a higher speed and bandwidth.
  • Troubleshoot your Hardware

Sometimes, a minor problem in router firmware can slow your internet connection. So that, turning the router off and then on again can speed up your internet. Restarting the router can quickly improve your internet. In Pakistan, PTCL telephone internet becomes to slow down when there is a problem in the splitter or breakage in your outdoor connection. If you find any problem with the outdoor connection, the following are the methods by which you can fix your connection.

Find out Hardware Limitations

Your internet speed can be affected when internet service providers use poor-quality routers. If you are using good fiber optics that give you a good internet connection but still you are facing slow internet speed then it may be due to your router specification.

You have to check your router specifications and check if it is not performing. If the device cannot speed up your internet connection, you should buy a good-quality router that can speed up your internet connection.

 Change wireless router to a clear spot

When you see that both your internet connection and router are fine but you have weak Wi-fi signals which are affecting your internet speed. You have to change your wireless router to a clear space where there are fewer barriers to Wi-Fi signals. To avoid any kind of signal loss, just place the wireless router in an open space.

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Check Bandwidth Hogging apps

 When your internet connection is slow on your computer and is working well on other computers or mobile devices, then do nothing with your router or internet plan. You have to check out which programs are hogging the connection. To examine, you have to open the task manager and click on the network to see which program is using most of the bandwidth.


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