When you can’t tweet, differentiate where the dilemma is emerging. Follow these troubleshooting tips:

Inspect the Twitter status. Test the Twitter status page to see if something went on with the social media forum. If you detect a message such as “service disruptions” at a current time, there’s an issue with Twitter.

An “All System Operational” allegation may imply the issue fabricates elsewhere, or Twitter hasn’t yet realized there’s a situation.

Enable Twitter on a different platform. Commonly, maximum people access Twitter from an app or from a web browser. If one of these strategies doesn’t work, try a unique one.

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Enable Twitter from a browser:

 Get on to https://www.twitter.com. On Windows and macOS devices, this shows the full Twitter website. On Android and iOS devices, you’re diverted to a portable version of the site.

Permit the mobile version of Twitter: If you nonetheless can’t access Twitter, open the mobile version of Twitter at https://mobile.twitter.com. This interpretation is also dubbed Twitter Lite since it employs fewer data and supports Twitter permits on a slow or irregular system connection.

Official Twitter app: Install and sign in to the official Twitter app for your gadget. Twitter delivers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 systems. The official Twitter app gives you permits to Twitter without some of the restrictions periodically originated in third-party Twitter apps.

You also may accept and deliver tweets via SMS from a mobile phone. To perform this, buck up your carrier’s shortcode, then text the word START to the shortcode. In the United States, for illustration, it’s “40404. You would text START to 40404.

Begin again your device. If you nonetheless can’t access Twitter, turn your gadget off then back on. A restart periodically fixes connection and application problems.

Search for filtering. Numerous devices block access to social media sites. There are a few directions to search if that’s the prosecution with your situation.

Attempt another social media site like Facebook or Instagram: If you can permit most websites, but not social media sites, from a browser, the issue may not be with Twitter. Rather, a restriction might stave off access to social media sites from your device or IP.

Content blocker settings: If you employ a content blocker in your browser, like AdBlock Plus, Disconnect, or Ghostery, review and alter the sites to enable permit to Twitter.com.

Firewall and Wi-Fi settings: Social media zones may be obstructed by a network gadget format, such as a Wi-Fi access point or firewall. Sign in to your Wi-Fi entry fact, router, or firewall to evaluate the filtering configurations. Numerous routers have numerous custody. Look for either filtering options or parental influences settings for your gadget.

Search your network associations. Check to see if you’re pertained to a network by clearing a browser to another primary site, such as Google. If you can’t pertain to other settings, the problem may be your home system.

Wi-Fi Status: Check the level of your Wi-Fi access point, router, or modem. Maximum system gadgets have glimmers demonstrating a mechanism is on and connected. A red light or the lack of light may indicate a problem.

Reset: As with many gadgets, a restart may assist. Turn the devices off. If you can’t find a power button, unplug the power cable, then turn the gadgets back on or plug the capacity back in. Pause a few instants for the gadgets to reconnect to your internet provider, then connect to Twitter.

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Try a varied network: You might switch to a varied network, then engage to Twitter. For instance, on an Android phone or iPhone, turn off Wi-Fi on your device, then connect to Twitter. Or, if you veered around Wi-Fi off, turn Wi-Fi on, relate to a handy access point, then access Twitter.


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