This manuscript notifies you several doors to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook.  

Facebook, and all social media for that consequences, is a weirdly fascinating niche. You occasionally bump into foreigners that fulfill the best of your friends while on some unfortunate days, you operate into all types of cheats.

It can suffer like a festivity occasionally where you all possess a blaring discussion while periodically, it is a warzone where keyboard warriors drop bomb after bomb of mockery, heartlessness, and swear words. When aspects warm and apprehension jogs high, it is relatively plausible for one party to get halted by the other. 

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How to Discover if You Have Been Blocked on Facebook

If you’re on the receiving edge of the blaze, here’s how you can notify if you have been blocked on Facebook.  

1. Examination Through Your Friend List

If the individual you doubt has blocked you was formerly your friend, you can discover it out by scrolling through your friend list. It is as effortless as A, B, C. Go through your comprehensive friend list on Facebook. While the deactivated accounts will yet show on your list with their show pictures as well, you won’t be eligible to click and visit their profile.

Nevertheless, if an individual has thwarted you, their profile won’t show up at all. This technique sure expects some forbearance but ultimately, you will discover if you have been blocked.  

2. Search for Their Profile 

One easy strategy to discover if someone has blocked you on Facebook is to just search for their Facebook profile on the results bar at the top left closet of the page. If the person’s profile shows up, aspects are alright but if it doesn’t then you’ve clearly been blocked. Nonetheless, if you notice a tab ‘Add Friend’ on the person’s profile, then you have completely been unfriended and stuff can probably be modified between you two.  

If, still, you flunk to discover them in the search bar, there is a double-check you can do to make confident if you have been blocked or the person simply deactivated their Facebook account. Ask a friend of yours on Facebook to browse their profile the same way on Facebook. If the examination results in a positive result, you have clearly been minced off. 

3. Get on Through Your Facebook Memories 

A few years back, Facebook opened a very thoughtful outline of its application: Facebook Memories. This aspect lets you to go through your former posts and see who noted on them and had a preference for them.

People who thwart you on Facebook still appear on your posts in recollections but their profile name is in ebony font rather than the blue font. So that’s how you can differentiate between people who are however there for you on Facebook and those who have halted you.  

4. Notice Your Facebook Groups 

One manner to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook is to examine your mutual friends’ group. If you ensue to be an administrator on any common groups, you may be eligible to see their account even if you have been blocked but furthermore, you will notice their profile in black font. You might nevertheless be eligible to see their pastime the group but not their profiles.  

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5. Getting Blocked on Facebook Messenger 

If somebody has not blocked you on Facebook, it is relatively feasible that they might have blocked you on Facebook Messenger.  To learn if someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger, mail them a message on the app. If a mistake message arises indicating ‘This person isn’t accessible at the moment, then you have been blocked from sending them messages. 


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