• Type a Twitter handle, search term, or hashtag into the complementary field, then select Fetch RSS.
  • You can copy the feed’s URL to a browser bookmark, or keep it to an app like Evernote (with the Web Clipper extension).

While Twitter no longer maintains an RSS feed, there are additional directions to build a Twitter RSS feed. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to prepare one utilizing or by duplicating it to an RSS reader.

  • See in Your Web Browser
  • is by far one of the fastest and simplest directions to develop an RSS feed from Twitter.
  • You don’t need to do anything technological, and you can compose your feeds within seconds.

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  • For the Twitter user RSS feed option: Type the Twitter handle of the user you want into the corresponding field. Optionally involve all the replies they mail to other users by checking off the With replies? box.

For the Twitter search RSS feed option:

  1. Type the search term into the corresponding field.
  2. Choose the big blue Fetch RSS button to formulate your feed.
  3. It may put up with many seconds, so be patient while the page loads.
  4. Copy Your RSS Feed URL and Save It Somewhere

If you’re using a browser like Google Chrome, you’ll notice a lot of code on the next page. If you’re utilizing a browser like Mozilla Firefox, you’ll notice a feed of posts with the alternative to add them to your Live Bookmarks.

Screenshot of RSS feed

What you really want, ideally, is the URL of the feed. If your feed is for a user, it should look something like this:

If your feed is a search term, it should peep something like this:[SEARCH TERM]

Amplify the link to your browser bookmarks or conserve it somewhere (like in Evernote using the Web Clipper extension) so you never lose sight of it and can access it whenever you want. Then you can go ahead and utilize the feed with the RSS-friendly assistance of your option.

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