Twitter chats are common conversations directing on a hashtag, such as a television show, holiday, or news event. Some Twitter chats occur on designated days and particular times, while others are less traditional ongoing conversations cantered around a hashtag. Here’s how to discover Twitter chats so you can assemble in and share your feelings.

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Instructions in this article pertain to and the Twitter mobile app for iOS and Android.

How to Excavate Twitter Chats Using Hashtags

Many corporations and users develop hashtags to get discussions commenced to promote a TV show, a movie, or a game. The quickest and susceptible direction to find out about a Twitter chat is to search for hashtags.

Navigate to on your desktop, or open the Twitter app on your iOS or Android equipment.

Employing Twitter in a browser, expose the search box on the upper-right corner of the screen and enter a search term beginning with a hashtag. Press Enter or Return when completed.

How to Discover Trending Twitter chats

Another way to find Twitter chats is to detect what’s trending. If you learn something that dividends you, it’s susceptible to jump in.

Employing Twitter in a browser, choose to Explore from the menu on the left.

In the Twitter smartphone app, tap the magnifying glass and then tap Trending.

Select Trending from the top menu to observe the popular topics of the day, or choose a particular sector, such as Sports or Entertainment.

Choose any trending subject to jump into a conversation.

How to Discover Live Twitter Chats

Live chats facilitate people joining in to talk about a particular topic. These types of Twitter chats are at designated times, so you can put in an upcoming chat on your calendar.

To discover a live chat, visit the Twubs Twitter Chat Schedule, the TweetReports Twitter Chat Schedule, or Chat Salad’s list of upcoming chats, just to label a few sources.

Third-Party Twitter Chat Tools

Several third-party Twitter chat tools make it accessible to find tweet chats. Some of the most distinguished are TwChat, TweetReports,, and Twubs. These methods are web-based and load quickly, even on smartphone mobile browsers. These mechanisms also encourage find a “live chat,” which is a standardized Twitter chat set for a specific date and time.

Some of these methods make participating in tweet chats easier. For example, adds your hashtag at the end of your formulated tweet, so all you have to do is press the Tweet button on their site. With TweetDeck, you can filter your Twitter chat results even more or reply to particular tweets with a simple click. Twubs headlines live scrolling tweets, providing you an understanding of being part of a live conversation.

How to Discover Twitter Chats Using TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an example of a method that brings it easy to see the messages associated with a hashtag.

Go to the TweetDeck website and log in with your Twitter account. The first time you log in, you’ll see an abrupt rundown of how the tool functions

Select Get Started to continue.

You should see several columns, such as Home, Notifications, Messages, and Trending.

 Select Add Column (plus sign) from the left side to add another column.

Select Search.

Enter your search criteria and press Enter.

A new column appears with the hashtag you searched for. To chat, reply to any conversation thread, or start a new tweet using the hashtag.

To tag another Twitter user so that they see your Tweet, add @ in front of the user’s account name (for example, @Jimmy).

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Why Join a Twitter Chat?

Aside from being fun, Twitter discussions are a great direction to facilitate yourself for assistance, a work proposal, a product, or an article query to a probable editor. It’s an outstanding and reasonable way to interact with customers and friends.


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