This article clarifies how to utilize Twitter Publish to build a widget to illustrate tweets or a complete Twitter feed on your website or blog.

How to Build a Twitter Widget With Twitter Publish

These widgets enable you to do aspects care for show your latest tweets, inform visitors of a relevant hashtag, or showcase a special instant.

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  1. Open a browser, and get on to Twitter Publish.

Choose the down arrow in the Enter a Twitter URL field to see the catalog of alternatives accessible for the types of content you can alter into Twitter widgets.

  • The types of content contain a tweet, profile, list, user handle, and hashtag.
  •  Choose any of the default URLs to notice an example of what the widget looks like.
  • Copy the URL of the tweet and get on back to the Twitter widget publicizing tab to paste the URL into the Enter a Twitter URL field.
  • After pasting the URL into the field, click the arrow suggesting possession to move to the next step.
  • If the Twitter URL isn’t willing for the content you prefer in the widget, open a new browser tab or window to navigate to and get at the collection, tweet, profile, list, or another content type you want. You can furthermore search with a Twitter handle beginning with @ or a hashtag.
  • Subsequently entering in a URL, select from the usable display options. Numerous display options are accessible depending on the type of content you choose for your widget.

Survey the preview. If you prefer the way the widget looks, select Copy Code to duplicate the code and paste it somewhere in the code of your website or blog. The height and width of the widget are assembled to be creative, so it should continue within the limitations of the area of your blog or site where you caption it.

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The code is normal HTML, so you can plop it anywhere HTML chores. On WordPress, paste it into an HTML contraption.


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