What is a filler in Pakistan?

The Administration of Pakistan constructs its residents in two sects, one is filer and an additional one is non-filer. A filer is an individual that is on the FBR competitive taxpayer catalog. On the additional hand, a non-filer is a person who is not in a competitive taxpayer directory.

Get NTN from FBR to become a filer in Pakistan:

NTN (National Text Number) is the unusual digit induced for the accountable taxpayer. To become a filer, it is the important and crucial stage to receive your NTN figure from FBR. You can also create your NTN number while perching at your sofa with the solace of your smartphone.

How to realize that you need an NTN digit?

Presume your allowance slumps in the ranking of taxable earning, which is 6 to 7 lacs per year. You are deemed to pay a charge or become a filer and want to get your NTN to report yourself as a filer in FBR contracts.

What is the significance of clamping NTN? 

Keeping an NTN relates to that you are bestowing your earnings to the administration, which subsists you out as a nationalistic person or company.

It encourages to construct confidence with investors for a corporation, as the one who is credible in his handlings will not ditch.  NTN owner enterprises have the coincidence to get programs and agreements from the administration. If an NTN owner got a comprehensive identification, he has powerful assistance due to his NTN.

Manuscripts assigned for NTN number: 

Adequately, to obtain your self registered for NTN digit, you may want several statements, whether you are an individual or an enterprise. The desired list of documents is allotted below:

Mandatory records for a salaried person: 

1.   Document of your CNIC (National Identity Card)

  NOTE: it should be VALID.

2.   Sample of delivered electricity ordinance.                   

NOTE: it should be modern, not obsolete in 3 months. 

3.   Reference info;

·        Mobile Number

·        E-mail

·        Domicile

4.   Payslip.

5.   NTN number of your employer, office address, office’s email address.

Mandatory record for business: 

1.   Copy of CNIC (National Identity Card).

2.   Newly, spent the electricity ordinance for the corporation location.

3.   Reference info;

o  e-mail,

o  mobile,

o  Landline number and Property papers.

4.   Constitution of enterprise.

These are the mandatory statements you should maintain before enrolling yourself for NTN with FBR. One time, you retain these papers, it’s just an object of clicks, and your NTN will be provoked.

NTN enrolment from FBR

You have to pursue the points provided below to develop your NTN and come to be a filer in Pakistan: 

1st Step

To speed ahead, you retain to unlock an IRIS Portal of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue), where on the main sheet you will notice several alternatives, one of them is REGISTRATION for unregistered.

You can also collect on that page through this link: https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/public/txplogin.xhtml.

By clicking on the choice of enrollment, you will detect the aspect of the pattern inquiring you stuffs like;

·       CNIC,

·       address,

·       E-mail, and

·       contact info

·       You have to fill out the requested information. 

1.   After injecting all the data, you must accept it from the submit switch downward or beside the form.

2.   After submitting the form, you will receive 6-digit code.

3.   After getting the code, fill it in the form, you will receive the confirmation email also. You will get that user name and password.

4.   Employing that username and password, you have to log in to your IRIS account, and by connecting on drafts, you will see a petition named 181 application. Where you have to compress the related tabs according to your report as it is for a salaried individual’s account or of a firm.

5.   Step # 7:

6.   Compress out the requested data and connect all the articles as illustrated above.

7.   Now it’s time to begin your enrolment as a filer. 

Registration as a filer:

Formerly, you have given your NTN number, you will get on with the additional procedure of reporting yourself as a filer. 

By getting an NTN number and building an IRIS account, you are commended for registering in the FBR network. Now you have to pursue easy points, to begin with, the procedure of coming to be a filer. 

Step# 1:

Access your IRIS portal affidavit again. 

·       Step # 2:

·       Connect on e-enrolment for registered persons. 

·       Step # 3:

·       A form will pop up and fill that form.

·       Step # 4:

·       After filling out the form, you keep accepting it by connecting the submit button. 

·       Step # 5:

·       After submission of form, you will get a code.

·       Step # 6:

·       After that, now use your CNIC and password constructed above into the form.

·       Step # 7:

·       Then, you will get the draft and form later 

·       Step # 8:

·       Fill out all the requested tabs, and attach the required documents with it.

·       Step # 9: 

·       Once you are done, check it again and again to avoid any mistake.

·       Step # 10: 

·       After fulfilling the configuration, you will receive an authorization e-mail. And congratulations! You are committed to this technique without any conflict and expanding your time. You stand presently as a Filer of Pakistan.

Where to search ATL through SMS or IRIS Portal: 

You can now browse your inscription on ATL. This catalog is promoted every Monday by FBR. You can download the comprehensive catalog from the FBR officeholder website and uncover your inscription there.

Scanning ATL via SMS:

For testing your inscription through SMS, you have to pursue the simple steps: 

  • Unlock your mobile messaging app.
  • Type ATL (with space) 13 numerals CNIC and mail it to 9966.
  • To browse the ATL of a firm or an organization, you keep to type ATL (give space) 7 numeral NTN digit and deliver it to 9966. 

It is an easy procedure of testing via SMS. You can also search via the Online Portal and additional manners.


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