• Change setting to night mode via More Settings and privacy Accessibility, display, and languages Display Dim or Lights out.
  • Update your profile picture via Profile > Edit Profile > click the photo icon > select picture > Open > mark adjustments > Apply > Save 
  • You can shift these settings on the desktop or mobile website or the app.

This article clarifies how to change your personal Twitter background and how to change your Twitter profile background picture. 

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How to Change Your Personal Twitter Background

If you’re an avid user of Twitter and find the white background imposing, it’s feasible to switch over to a darker background which gives itself well to night-time use. Here’s how to change to a Twitter black background whenever is suitable for you.  

These points apply to the desktop interpretation of Twitter but are very identical on the mobile website.

Go to https://twitter.com/

You may require to log into your Twitter account.

  • Click More.

  • Click Settings and privacy.
  • Click Accessibility, display, and languages.
  • Click Display.

  • Click Dim or Lights out.

Lights out are darker than Dim, so both options are valuable being sure of your needs. 

The setting has now been changed on that browser.

You need to give rise to these changes on each web browser you employ for them to be applied. 

How to Change Your Twitter Profile Background Picture

The additional Twitter background you can alter is your Twitter profile background picture. If you’ve found out cute Twitter backgrounds that you wish to use to convey your personality, here’s how to change the background picture in a few easy steps.

These points apply to the desktop interpretation of Twitter but the mobile site is very related.

  • Go to https://twitter.com/

  • Click Profile.

  • Click Edit Profile.

  • Click the photo icon on the heading of your profile.
  • Find the image you want to upload.
  • Click Open.
  • Use the controls to modify which part of the image you want to display. 
  • Click Apply when you’ve completed adjusting the image.
  • Click Save to conserve the changes.

Reasons to Remake Your Twitter Background

 Here’s a brief look at widespread reasons why people do so.

To ease eyestrain. When it comes to glimpsing anything in the dark, it’s far suitable and reasonable for your eyes if you utilize a dark setting to browse. It’s a good idea to switch to Night Mode if you’re an avid Twitter user at night.

To add temperament to your account. If you wish to bring out something about your character on your profile, altering your header image is an outstanding way of telling all.

To add branding. If you employ Twitter in an experienced context, you can develop a header picture that ascertains the proficiency you offer, what your business furnishes, or lists various contact details. 

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To add a seasonal ornament. Love to alter your Twitter name to something seasonal for the vacations or Halloween? You can shift your setting to match that composition with the proficiency to change it as several times as you wish throughout the year. 


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