Obtaining a modern and fresh Debit Card can be extremely thrilling and once it lands in your hands, the seduction to use it rapidly is very great. But, a new Debit Card does not function without getting initiated.

It is significant to know how to initiate and activate a Debit Card so that you are not put in an embarrassing stance when you utilize your new Debit Card for the initial period.

It is feasible to activate a Debit Card online and also offline through an ATM. These two are precise methods that are time limits. The Debit Card must be activated within a time interval, or else the PIN digit given by the bank comes to be invalid. Once the PIN number comes to be meaningless, the Debit Card can only be activated by  Banking  through phone or by visiting the branch privately 

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To prevent all these annoyances, know the method of activating a Debit Card, and pursue it directly after you receive your card.

For the activation your HBL Debit Card, please attend the points quoted below:

  1. Step 1: Induce your 5 digit activation code by delivering the following SMS to 4250 operating your HBL enrolment phone number:
  2. DC(Last 4 numerals of your Debit card)
    Example: DC4322
  3. Note:
  4. This activation code requirement will be legal for 3 days only.
  5. In the possibility, your activation code terminates or expires, pursue step one to re-generate your activation code.
  6. Step 2 to activate your,r Debit Card! Call upon, any HBL ATM with your HBL Debit Card, CNIC digits, and 5 digits activation code.
  7. Step 3: At the HBL ATM, pursue the steps quoted below:
  8. Deposit your HBL Debit Card into the ATM and specify your chosen speech (English or Urdu)
  9. Enter the 5 figures activation code
  10. After that, enter your date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
  11. Enter your 13-digit CNIC number then!
  12. After all, enter a 4-digit ATM PIN of your preference using the keypad.
  13. Re-enter the ATM PIN for confirmation.

Onetime, you have finalized these points, your HBL Debit Card will be activated successfully!

How to use HBL debit card after activation on Sales?

Express your HBL Debit Card to the dealer for your purchases of investments. The trader or dealer will put in your debit card on the electronic Point of Sale (POS)​ terminal. When you obtain the payment slip, check the percentage or proportion, then continue to sign it. Please remark that for cardholders who are induced for a PIN at the POS equipment ( PIN for both ATM / POS usage is same) there will be no deals tag to sign, but rather the cardholder will be expected to pass into PIN on the POS terminal. After which a voucher shall be published and assigned to the cardholder (who does not expect a signature).

Don’t ignore to take your card & your marketing slip back from the dealer.

Can I use my HBL card at abroad shops?

HBL Debit Card is globally approved at marketable portals where MasterCard, Visa, or Union Pay cards are approved. It is also sufficient at all ATMs abroad that hold the MasterCard, Visa, or Plus logos. You can understand your account details and relinquished money with the exact ATM PIN that is used in your homeland.

 Please note that you will need to activate worldwide usage on your card by calling HBL Phone Banking through your registered number with HBL.


 You are required to initiate international usage on your HBL DebitCard before traveling. This can be done by calling HBL Phone Banking through your registered mobile number and make an international usage activation request to activate that.

As per Federal Budget 2018-19, an improvement rate of 1% for filers and 3/4 %  for non-filers is acceptable from 1st July 2018 on all different global marketings performed on HBL debit card :

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What if HBL debit card after activation is lost?

You should instantly call HBL Phone Banking at


Further call upon, your closest HBL branch where branch staff will help you. Upon your petition, your card will be shut off and you will be issued an alternate card.

How can you link your HBL card to another card after activation?

You can associate your further account with an HBL debit card by calling HBL Phone Banking at 111-111-425 or call upon your HBL home department and compress an Other additional Request Form.​


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